The island of James Bond in Thailand is characterized by a picturesque nature that is the most important attraction for tourists who visit it, as it is full of rare trees and plants such as (pandanus, euphorbia, cactus, cycads, prickly pear) that are distinguished by the greenness of its leaves throughout the days of the year, This is due to the island’s mild temperatures throughout the year, and the constantly pouring rain water.

The island is considered a natural reserve open to visitors, because it contains 26 different types of reptiles, and a number of distinctive types of crabs, such as (blue crabs, crabs) as well as diverse and exquisite marine creatures such as (shrimp, lobster, rainbow squid And 14 species of shrimp, as well as 16 types of manta trees, and there is also a presence of sharks on the island, as well as a large variety of spleen and coral reefs that you can see while you are on the shore of the island.

The most prominent activities that characterize (James Bond) island in Thailand

1- One of the most famous activities carried out by tourists on the James Bond Island is the boat trip, where the island organizes boat trips traveling between cliffs and rocky cavities to enjoy natural scenes that are difficult to find elsewhere.

2 – The sport of diving is also one of the most famous activities that you can do on the James Bond Island, where tourists watch the coral reefs with enchanting colors as well as rare fish, but beware of doing this sport alone, it is safer for you to take diving trips organized by the island In order to protect yourself from the sharks there.

3- You and your friends can camp there in one of the caves, in order to see the animals there, as well as hunting and eating grilled fish and enjoy a magical night in the arms of mountains and nature.

4- Although the area of ​​James Bond Island is a little small, you can go by boat to the island of Ko Tabu to buy souvenirs and shop in the wonderful popular markets located there, which are characterized by its simple prices and the quality of its handmade products.

One of the most important things that makes visiting James Bond Island in Thailand available to most people in the world, specifically in the Arab world, is that tourism in Thailand is classified as (cheap tourism) because everything there is very simple and does not need to visit large sums like Europe For example, this is due to the devaluation of the Thai local currency, as one Saudi riyal is equal to 9 Thai Baht

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