The city takes its visitors with a journey of a lifetime in history and culture that can be touched in the centuries-old buildings of Newari Hinduism, along with Buddhist temples and medieval monasteries decorated with the most beautiful artworks, the most prominent of which may be the Pashupatinath Temple and Shango Narayan famous for their amazing artworks and their great religious standing.

The city brilliantly blends old traditions with modern techniques to charm the tourists with the grandeur of the past, returning through the framework of an elaborately carved bronze wooden window from the eighteenth century that enters the joy of the soul when looking at it, along with the advanced urban appearances that were built after the city was exposed to a devastating earthquake in 2015 .

Cultural tours abound in the various important heritage sites starting with Kathmandu Hanuman Doka passing through Pattan and Bhaktapur, in addition to the glittering Buddhist temples such as Bodhanth and Swayambunath, and the city’s various and various museums provide a glimpse into its history, beautiful civilization and fine art such as the Natural History Museum of Art, the Tarraguan Museum, the National Art Gallery and a library Kaiser and Gallery of the Nepal Art Council.

Many festive festivals and carnivals are held in the charming Nepalese capital, such as the jazz festival that takes place in the arms of amazing nature, along with endless festive processions and legendary religious festivals. The city carries a special flavor due to the ancient culture, diverse lifestyles and picturesque nature, as it embodies a long history of faith, beliefs, arts and unique architecture.

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