In the next report, we present to you three very amazing restaurants in which you will need to eat during 2019.

1- Snow Castle

Snow Castle located in Kemi, Finland, the restaurant has a very interesting design, as it is made entirely of snow and ice, was built in January, to melt sometime in the spring.
Snow sculptures inside the restaurant decorate its large area, as they are illuminated gat with various very attractive lights that make the snow glow in a myriad of colors.

2- Under

The Underwater Restaurant, located in B? Ly, Norway in April 2019, which will be the largest underwater restaurant in the world, is said to be the only one of its kind on the continent of Europe.
Underwater Restaurant is located on the slope where guests enter on the ground and then walk down the stairs to reach the restaurant’s flooded room that excites the site and the design at the same time.

3- Treepod

Treepod Restaurant is one of the abnormal restaurants in the world, located in Soneva Kiri, Thailand, and offers you the ability to eat in a bamboo pod, and the experience involves not climbing to reach the restaurant, where the capsule is connected to the wires that are raised at the top, which makes you hung in Air at 60 feet.
Inside Treepod Restaurant you will enjoy delicious and fresh Thai food, as well as an exciting adventure, and you can reserve the capsule for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea as you overlook the beautiful ocean.

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