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It is one of the cities belonging to Saudi Arabia, and it is considered one of the holy cities for Muslims, because it contains the Holy Kaaba and the Sacred Mosque. Mecca is located geographically on the western side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is four hundred kilometers from the southwestern side of Medina, one hundred and twenty kilometers from the eastern side of the city of Taif, and seventy two kilometers from the Red Sea and Jeddah.

The land area of ​​Mecca is 850 square kilometers, and its height is 277 meters above sea level, and its population is 1.675,000 million, according to statistics from 2010.

Tourism in Mecca

Mecca is one of the first and very important cities in religious tourism, as it contains many tourist, historical, religious and recreational attractions, as follows:

  • The Holy Kaaba, which is one of the most important and holiest religious places in the whole year, and many Muslim pilgrims come to it annually.
  • The mountain of light, which is considered one of the holy natural places in the city, is said to be the site that the Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, went to vacate himself to worship God.
  • Al-Tanaem Mosque, known as the Aisha Bint Abi Bakr Mosque, is one of the most important mosques in Mecca.
  • The Grand Mosque, which is considered one of the greatest and most important mosques in Mecca, and the prayer in it is equivalent to one hundred thousand prayers, and the mosque has two large libraries that contain the holy and historical books of the religion of Islam.
  • The towers of the house that meet the Kaaba and the Sacred Mosque, which are skyscrapers, and the clock tower are the central tower and the largest towers in the whole world, as the tower owns many luxury hotels and apartments.
  • The shopping center Mecca Mall, which is one of the largest marketing centers in Mecca.
  • Hira, in which the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, retreated in it before the Noble Qur’an was revealed to him.
  • Thor is located in the western part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is four kilometers away from the Grand Mosque.
  • Arafat Mountain on which the rituals of Hajj will be built, especially the stand of Arafat, and the mountain was called by this name because people know it.
  • Mosques such as: Al-Nimra Mosque, Al-Khaif Mosque, Al-Awjaba Mosque and Al-Bayaa Mosque.
  • Gardens such as: Al Musalfa Garden, Children’s Park, Arabian Peninsula Park, and Badr Park.
  • Cabarets such as: Al Hokair, Badr, and Al Mesfala.
  • Jamarat Bridge.
  • Markets such as: Al Otaibi Market, Al Hijaz Market, Al Diyafa Market, Al Azizia Central Market, Dhi Al Majaz Market, City Plaza, Sixtieth Street Market, and Mansour Street Market.
  • The Cemetery of Al-Ma’ala.
  • Mona area, which is the pilgrimage ritual areas, where the Jamarat are thrown.
  • Omar Mountain.

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