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Where is the Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt specifically on the banks of the Nile River, and it is one of the temples rooted since ancient times where it is considered a mother of all religious temples, and contains many temples that were built during the period of nearly two millennia by thirty pharaohs, and was used in the foot to perform rituals Various religions such as Hajj for more than 4000 years.

A brief history of Karnak Temple

Archeology near the Karnak temple indicates that it was considered one of the holy sites before and with the extension of the modern era when it became a major temple to Amen Ra in 1971 BC, as the ancestors took it as a special place to honor their gods Amon Ra, and the worship of Amen Ra and its powerful influence continued until Akhenaten’s rule In the period 1379-1362 B.C., when orders were issued by the Pharaohs to worship one god, the sun, and to abolish, desecrate, and destroy all other deities, as Akhenaten transferred his capital to Tel el-Amarna, which led to the retreat of the sacred status of the Karnak temple, but his campaign was short-lived as he managed Tutankhamu In the retrieval of the religious status of the Temple of Karnak, including Amun-Re.

Hall of columns

The Hall of the Pillars is considered one of the wonders of antiquity and the most distinctive and attractive landmark in the Karnak Temple, and it is located between the second and third towers, and has an area of ​​approximately 50000 m.The Column Hall contains 12 large and long columns where the height of one column is 24 meters, and is based on these columns Centrally, it allows air and light to enter the hall. The hall also has seven lateral passages that contain 134 columns. The pillar hall is distinguished by its external beauty, as its walls bear historical inscriptions that express the various victories in Palestine to City and Ramesses the First.

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