The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica, the official language of Montenegro. All the population speaks Serbo-Croatian. The form of the government is a parliamentary republic, the currency is in euros.

The current Montenegro has belonged to two consecutive empires and states two thousand years ago, from the Romen Empire in the second century BC to the Confederation of Serbia which was created in 2003.

Montenegro is one of the most forgotten countries for tourism, and this is unfair because there are so many beautiful places to see in Montenegro: from the beautiful Bay of Kotor to the stunning Dormitor National Park. In this post, we tell you the main places to see in Montenegro, those who prefer to visit Montenegro. Montenegro is a small but beautiful new country.

Kotor, the most beautiful place to see in Montenegro

Kotor and its bay are among the most famous places to see in Montenegro, its proximity to Dubrovnik and its undeniable beauty makes it a growing tourist attraction, Kotor is a small city with a population of 5,000 people only, what makes it beautiful and distinctive is that it is at the end of a small bay surrounded by cliffs Which reminds us of the fjord. In fact some call it the northern fjord in Europe, but in reality it is the submerged valley in the now exhausted Buckleigh River that runs through the mountains, and you will find beautiful churches and picturesque places for honeymoon.

Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro

Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro Since the country became independent from Serbia in 2006, it may seem that it is a very new city, full of government buildings and shopping centers, but the truth is that it has many centuries of history in which you can see the Ottoman neighborhood, we recommend you to visit it if you come across the mountain Black, of course everyone who visits Podgorica must ponder the interior of the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of Christ, it is filled with religious images painted in a thousand colors against a golden background.

Niagara Falls in Montenegro

Just 10 minutes drive from the capital you will find Niagara Falls on the Sevana River, it is a particularly beautiful place to see it in Montenegro during the spring, time of thawing and more rain, when the waterfall becomes more powerful, there is a restaurant called Niagara beside you where you can eat A drink surrounded by an exceptional atmosphere, the waterfalls are usually dry in the summer, so of course it is not worth going there except in winter.

Budva, a small town ideal for a sun and beach break

Budva is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro and the Mediterranean, in recent years tourism has grown a lot and it is worth it because it is beautiful. Especially its historical center, Stari Grad, strolling its beaches and bathing on one of its beaches is a highly recommended experience.

Dormitor National Park, Montenegro

Montenegro’s great national park includes the entire mountainous region in the north of the country. It is a very popular place for those who want to enjoy nature in summer and winter. The coldest months you can enjoy sports such as snowboarding. During the summer, the Dormitor National Park is a paradise for hiking and beautiful landscape exploration, there is a forest of 400-year-old black pine trees, ice caves, the impressive Tara River Valley, and 18 lakes of glacial origin. The most famous lake is the Black Lake, which is distinguished by its dark water.

Star bar, one of the most downloaded corners of history

The ancient city of Bar is hidden in the mountains, about 4 kilometers from the modern city of Bar, and had to relocate after an earthquake occurred to the village that was destroyed in 1979, despite this ordeal the Stari Bar still holds dozens of buildings with much historical value And walking in its streets is like taking a trip through the centuries, as this city passed through the hands of Venice, Serbs, Hungarians and Turks. So the mix of architectural styles is very visible, and the water channel created by the Ottomans (completely rebuilt after the earthquake).

Ulcinj, a piece of Albania in Montenegro

To end the list of places we see in Montenegro, we recommend you to visit it, it is a small coastal city that has more than 2000 years of history and has borders with Albania, and it is the favorite place for Albanians to spend their holidays, among the buildings of the old town stand several minarets of mosques, its beaches are wonderful, so in the summer Usually full of fun.

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