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Tourism in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the Arab countries that witness a great trend of European tourism towards it, as the Sultanate receives many foreign and European tourist trips every year, many tourists prefer to go to the Sultanate of Oman because of the Sultanate’s security, safety and political stability, in addition to learning about the nature of civilization The ancient world in which it prevailed and continued until now. The Sultanate of Oman also contains a large number of tourist, recreational, and natural areas that provide tourists with pleasure, adventure, and relaxation in one country.

Muttrah Bay

The Gulf is distinguished by its historical and archaeological nature, which includes the construction architecture that has existed for hundreds of years, and the active nature, social and vitality, due to the multiplicity of popular markets that are characterized by their authentic oriental nature, such as vegetable and fish markets in the neighborhoods surrounding the Gulf.

Nizwa Oasis

The oasis is considered one of the oldest commercial areas in the Sultanate, as it contains a huge livestock market in addition to the Friday market, and Nizwa Oasis is also known for being the religious center of Oman, due to the presence of the Sultan Qaboos Mosque in it, which attracts the attention of the visitor as soon as he approaches it due to its distinctive blue and gold domes .

the green Mountain

The orientation towards the Green Mountain offers tourists a group of rare landscapes, which combine mountain villages scattered along the mountain, and the dense and green agricultural crops, in addition to a sense of excitement and pleasure during crossing the winding paths adjacent to the cliffs, until reaching the top of the mountain where the scenic landscape that offers A great deal of psychological comfort and calm.


It takes a long time to travel to the valleys to get to know all its mysteries and its contents, but it will be an enjoyable time because of the number of valleys in this area that contain a number of ponds and springs running between high-rise rocky passages.


Salalah is characterized by its clear blue waters adjacent to its white sandy coasts, it is also famous for its green oases rich in coconut trees, livestock and camels, and it contains a number of archaeological areas that are worth a visit.

Desert and prestige

The Wahiba Desert extends over a large area of ​​land covered with soft sand dunes, there are a number of areas dedicated to camping in the desert, which offer tourists the joy of a desert life under the lights of stars.

Musandam Peninsula beach

The beach is a suitable destination for lovers of swimming and water sports, as it has several centers for snorkeling, swimming and canoeing, and it also has a fish park that contains a huge amount of fish, which can be seen closely.

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