Safaga is an Egyptian coastal city located on the coast of the Red Sea and follows its administrative administration. Tourist Safaga Egypt attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually because of its distinctive features in tourism in Safaga, where picturesque beaches, resorts, high-end hotels and unparalleled marine life, wandering through the exciting desert and healing With black sand, it is one of the most important tourism cities in Egypt.

If you want to explore that city closely, then take a look through the article to know the most beautiful tourist places in Safaga.

Best Safaga hotels

Safaga Egypt owns a series of hotels and international beach resorts, enjoying the city’s enchanting beauty and obtaining enjoyment and entertainment provided by the services and facilities of hotels of varying levels. Perhaps one of the best Safaga hotels we will offer now … Read more

Safaga Egypt

Sharm El-Naga area

It is considered the most beautiful tourist places in Safaga Egypt because it is the most important and most famous diving site, where you can train, dive and enjoy the magic of the Red Sea waters and the colorful and beautiful coral reefs, with the help of specialists and specialized centers in the area.

Sharm El-Naga also offers its visitors the opportunity to ride a glass boat, sail and dive for two hours of fun, where the charm and beauty of clear blue waters and the vision of the wonderful shallow coral reefs that grow not far from the surface.

Sharm is located several kilometers from Safaga, 40 km from Hurghada.

Safaga Egypt

Safaga beaches

Safaga Egypt has a group of the most beautiful beaches, which are considered one of the most important factors in attracting tourism in Safaga, where pure water, golden sand and sun shine, which tempts tourists to practice exciting beach and water sports such as fishing, surfing, diving.

The city sometimes even organizes international water sports competitions that tourists can enjoy as a participant or spectator.

Tourism in Safaga Egypt

Black sand in Safaga Egypt

One of the most important features of tourism in Safaga, but it can be said that the return of Safaga from tourism is achieved thanks to it in addition to beach tourism.

And the black sand in the city of Safaga Egypt is distinguished by its therapeutic role from severe skin and joint diseases such as rheumatoid and psoriasis, so a large number of tourists come to it annually from different countries for this purpose.

Tourist attractions in Safaga

Soma Bay or Soma Bay

It is a high-end tourist resort surrounded by a peninsula bearing its name, and is located midway between Safaga and Hurghada, 45 km from Hurghada International Airport.

And you can classify it as one of the most beautiful tourist places in Safaga, because it provides recreational services to its visitors, including a high-level health club, golf courses and international competitions in which it will be held on the resort grounds, in addition to rowing depending on the strength of the wind.

Safaga Egypt

Safaga Desert

Where the most important tourism activities are held in Safaga, for which tourists come from all over the world, which are organized group safari tours, camping in the Red Sea deserts, enjoying the grills and the distinctive taste of tea in the traditional Bedouin atmosphere.

The villages of Umm Al-Huwaytat and Al-Nasr are among the most important tourist areas in Safaga for safari and camping, as the first is surrounded by phosphate mountains and away from its mines 26 km southwest of Safaga, while the second is via Safaga – Qena, 85 km and inhabited by the indigenous people of the city.

The most beautiful tourist places in Safaga

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