Perhaps tourism is the backbone of life in some countries of the world, and therefore most countries work to revitalize this aspect of their activities, and improve the image of the country by various means, whether it is media, cultural or even economic.

The government of the State of Korea has not failed to support tourism in its country by improving its image through its Ministry of Culture and even the Ministry of Sports as well as the Ministry of Tourism, in addition to the Korean Tourism Organization, and therefore we find it has hosted several international events, such as the Summer Olympics, as well as Taejun Expo, nor Forget the FIFA World Cup in which it was in the year two thousand and two AD.

Tourist attractions in Seoul

Seoul is ranked tenth in terms of urban areas in Korea, and Seoul is famous for its ancient history and ancient civilization, in addition to the modern aspect of the city.

We find in the city of Seoul many important museums that mimic the history of the ancient city, especially what is displayed in the Korean National Museum, in addition to the National National Museum, and there is the Seoul Historical Museum witness to the ancient history of this city, and also we find the Korean National Palace Museum, in addition to the museum in the Palace Duk Soo is special in contemporary art.

It is necessary to visit the war memorials, which are widely spread in the squares and squares of the city, in addition to the huge national library, which is visited by many visitors.

There are many palaces in Seoul, where visitors go to enjoy the scenes that simulate periods of the ancient history of the city, and from these palaces we find Kyungpook Palace, as well as Chang Tok Palace, and there is Chang Tok Palace, in addition to Kyung Hee Palace.

Dazzling gardens abound in Seoul, which are an important tourist destination in the city, such as the Han River Park, as well as the historical cultural park hs.

There are sites that form an important tourist hub in the city, as it is imperative to visit the famous tower of Seoul, and also to visit the Myeong-dong area, in addition to Nam Tae-moon Market and the famous traditional village of Nam San.

There are many gates in this city, in addition to the amazing ancient shrines in the way they are built, in addition to the splendor of the modern skyscrapers in their construction of the magnificence of the present.

There are many tourist resorts in Seoul, which offer their visitors recreation and enjoyment in an atmosphere of comfort and calm, in addition to the mountains that surround this city, and make it a charming city, where the eyes of water abound, and in their entirety are suitable for use and drinking as being fresh water, in addition to For places that mountain climbers like.

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