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Mallita is one of the beautiful islands, which includes many narrow coastal plains, in addition to a group of isolated bays, and rugged interior heights where a visitor can go to many areas of this island, including:

  • Malu’u: This beach offers a range of beautiful views of the sea.
  • Louisiana (English: Lilisiana): This region owns a group of distinctive homes that have been designed in a traditional style, and the beach of this city is quiet alongside golden sands.
  • Osi Lake: This lake is home to seabirds, so it is a paradise for nature lovers and birds.

Guadalcanal island

Guadalcanal Island is one of the main islands of the island of Solomon Island, with an area of ​​5301 square kilometers, and the methods of cultivation in it are still somewhat rudimentary, while the residents of coastal areas depend on hunting, as the internal families raise pigs, and the visitor here can see the traces Ancient wars such as the Second World War, where the war took place aboard this island between the Japanese and American forces that lasted for several weeks and ended with the expulsion of the Japanese from them, and it should be noted that the only mammals present in this island are bats, rodents, in addition To many species of birds.


Honiara is the capital of the Solomon Islands, which is the starting point to many destinations in it, located in Guadalajal Island, and this region provides many tourism places that a visitor can go to, such as: the Philo War Museum in addition to the American War Memorial, and the visitor can also go To the waterfalls in the area, and enjoy a trip in the woods, in addition to visiting Bonegi Beach, which is one of the best places for swimming and relaxation.

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