The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist places in the city and tourists know it as the “Blue Mosque”.

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History of Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

Sultan Ahmed Mosque was built in Istanbul during the period between 1609 – 1616 AD during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I. The architect “Mehmetoglu” was keen on a majestic design befitting the place where the mosque is being built in front of the most famous architectural masterpiece, “Hagia Sophia”. To show the greatness and supremacy of the Ottoman Empire in response to its traditional opponents in Europe. Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

Amazing facts about the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

The diameter of the main dome of the mosque is 23.5 meters, while its height is 43 meters and associated with 4 other smaller domes. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul has 6 minarets, unlike the rest of the city’s mosques which include two or four at most. One of the funny reasons behind the interpretation of the six minarets of the mosque is that The number “six-altı” in the Ottoman dialect is close to the word “golden-altın”, and that the sultan meant “golden minarets” but the architect heard it “six beacons.” The presence of 6 minarets of the mosque angered some Muslims at the time who believed that the sultan wanted He likened his mosque to the only prophetic mosque that had six minarets, and Sultan Ahmed ordered the construction of a minaret of Sa Sale of the Prophet’s Mosque a solution to this problem.Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

Instructions for visiting Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

Although the Blue Mosque in Istanbul is one of the most important tourist places in the city, it is still a regular prayer during it. Therefore, the mosque is closed during the five daily prayers in front of tourists and then it reopens again. In general, the Blue Mosque opens to visit daily from nine in the morning until before sunset An hour.

How to go to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The best way to get to Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is to take a “tram” from most of the city’s streets and get off near the mosque where the tram station is only two minutes away. Note that the mosque is witnessing a heavy tourist turnout constantly, so expect a long line of tourists waiting to enter. After End of the Blue Mosque visit The Haja Sophia Mosque, which is located just two minutes away, can be visited.Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

Tourist places around Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul

There are a number of other tourist places that can be visited before or after visiting the Blue Mosque. The most important of these places is the need for Sofia, the Topkapi Palace, the Archeology Museum, and the Grand Market. You can also visit Sultan Ahmed’s tomb, which is located in the northeastern part of the mosque and see the arts Exquisite decorative adorning the cemetery.

Hotels near the Blue Mosque

Due to the fact that the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is located in one of the most important historical and touristic places in the city, there is a large group of hotels and accommodations. You can visit the topic of the best Istanbul hotels Taksim readers more about the accommodations next to the mosque.

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