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Tourism in Thailand

Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia, with a rich culture and amazing nature. The country’s geographical environment is divided into four main regions: the forested mountains in the west, the central plains, the Khorat plateau in the northeast, and many beaches and islands on its coast, which are It makes it one of the most attractive countries for tourists in the world, especially its capital, Bangkok, which is classified as one of the most visited cities in the world. It is indicated that Thailand has all the tourist features and facilities that any tourist needs.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand has taken care of everything that provides comfort and luxury to the country’s tourists, as it significantly developed transportation means, such as: car rental facilities for tourists, and trains linking various attractions, in addition to providing many hotels in different categories to suit All tourists, and thus tourism in Thailand has become one of the main economic activities in the country, which generates a lot of revenue.

The best time to travel to Thailand

Thailand is characterized by its large area, which helps in diversifying the landscape, so tourists can visit at all times of the year, and it is indicated that despite the extreme heat in the summer, the weather is suitable for visiting at most times of the year, and the period extending from November November and even February have the lowest rate of precipitation, which is one of the most magnificent times of the year for tourism, while it is advised to avoid visiting the country in the period from July to October, as it is the period in which the rain is most frequent in Thailand .

Tourist attractions in Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok

The Grand Palace is one of the most attractive attractions for Bangkok, as it is characterized by its golden tower with an elegant architectural character, which leaves a wonderful impact, and admiration of visitors to Bangkok. Thai royal events to date.

The Temple of Dawn

The Temple of the Dawn, located on the Chao Phraya River, is a prominent landmark and place of worship in Bangkok. It is characterized by being decorated with small pieces, intertwined with Chinese porcelain, and stained glass. It is also famous for its ornate and colored towers. Entrance to the temple is cheap, which attracts tourists to visit.

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