In detail, learn about the best area in Langkawi Malaysia from the experiences of travelers, the island of Langkawi or the island of legends and dreams, this island is located in the Federal State of Malaysia as it is located at a distance of 30 km from the mainland coast in the northwest of the country, which is an administrative region belonging to the state of Kedah or state Malay Keda is a free zone exempt from any customs duties, with an area of ​​47,848 hectares and a population of approximately 100 thousand people, and this island is characterized by its beautiful climate throughout the seasons of the year, so it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Malaysia where cruises, recreation and the practice of many water sports, Unfold For the hosting of many gardens, parks and many recreational places and you more details on Arab travelers.

The most beautiful tourist destinations in Langkawi Malaysia:

  • Killem Karst camp:

It is a nature reserve that occupies a very large area of ​​Pulau Island in the Langkawi region, and forms a large part of the pregnant Virgin Island, and is considered one of the most important natural reserves in the world

  • Waterfalls of the seven wells:

One of the stunning scenery that nature formed millions of years ago, and these waterfalls are rain that collects in a place similar to the basin, where this water descends from a very high altitude up to 90 meters.
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge:

This bridge is located in the south of Langkawi, and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, as it is the first bridge of its kind in the world, because it is considered a curve and a suspension bridge at the same time.

  • Pregnant Virgin Island:

This island is distinguished by its fresh and pure water, and it is named by this name because it takes the form of a pregnant woman.

  • Langkawi Cable Car:

Where to venture while going through at an altitude of 708 meters and watching the Southeast Asian region from the top.

  • Cenang Langkawi Beach:

This beach, with pure water and fine sand, is visited by huge numbers of tourists annually.

  • Underwater world:

It is a hundred water basins containing more than 5000 different types of marine creatures, including penguins, sharks, various types of fish and seals.

  • Wildlife park:

This garden contains many different types of animals, and is known as the bird’s paradise, and those involved in building the garden have made sure that the airspace is very similar to that of the tropical raids.

  • Kuah City:

It is the beating heart of Langkawi, as it is its main port, and it is called the Getty Point, that is, the starting point for various entertainment activities, events and different places.

  • Crocodile garden:

It contains thousands of crocodiles, and is considered one of the most suitable recreational places suitable for family trips.

Best area to stay in Langkawi:

  • The capital of Kuah:

It is the only and main entrance to the island of Langkawi, as tourists mean by ferry and it is located in the south of Langkawi, as it includes many restaurants that are interested in providing Malaysian meals as well as it includes huge numbers of different stores that sell goods without taxes, and the town has many hotels with ratings There are various two-star hotels, three-star hotels and four-star and five-star hotels.

  • Datai Bay Beach:

One of the most suitable places for lovers of convalescence, comfort and recuperation, as Datai Bay Beach is located in the far northwest of the island of Langkawi, surrounded by tropical forests, which gives tourists an opportunity to stroll and explore the precious treasures of nature, and this beach has two luxury resorts to stay, and it has many excellent international restaurants and shops And many recreational activities such as a health spa center and private recreation areas.

  • Siang Beach:

It is the most vibrant and busy beach in Langkawi, as it provides a lot of activities, tourist services and hotels, this beach is a long beach town that includes many delicious restaurants, wonderful cafes and many fashion stores, souvenirs and others, and this beach is the ideal destination for lovers of dancing and dancing because it is packed with With nightclubs that are set up in the sand in the open air and parties begin with sunset hours, Siang Beach includes many luxurious four and five star resorts. It also has traditional chalets and cheap hotels to suit budget people.

  • Tanjung Ru Beach:

This secluded beach is located in the north of Langkawi, and it is considered one of the ideal destinations for lovers of seclusion and tranquility, where the tranquility and the splendor of nature. Restaurants, and this beach contains only three hotels, one of them is a two-star hotel, which is suitable for tourists with a budget and wanting to be isolated, while the other two hotels are five-star category.

  • Cook Beach:

Cook Beach extends over a long area from the southwest of Langkawi, this beach is characterized by it provides areas characterized by calm and serenity and other vital and effective areas, and this beach contains areas of the beach with clean and soft sand, and other beaches surrounded by waterfalls, tropical nature and man-made islands, and it has many Restaurants that are interested in providing Malaysian food and other restaurants that serve international dishes. There are also many bars, souvenir shops and nightclubs. The hotel categories vary between two and five-star hotels.

Best hotels in lincowy for honeymoon vacation:

  • Four Seasons Resort:

It is located in the north of Langkawi, specifically on the isolated beach of Tanjung Roo. One of the most important features of this hotel is its calm atmosphere, its amazing amazing views, and its quiet romantic and secluded atmosphere. On the back there are forests and rivers, and from the front there is the beach and the sea. This hotel contains 91 rooms with a wonderful design that integrates Between the rustic wooden style and the Arab style, it provides its guests with many interesting activities, as it provides a marine sports center and a spa center and organizes several tours accompanied by a tour guide in order to enjoy watching the forests and eagles, as well as providing training courses for hunting M and other courses for diving, and also provides a site for rock climbing, the hotel organizes customized tours for romantic couples.

  • The Datai Langkawi Hotel:

It is located on Datai Bay Beach and it is distinguished by its unique design in the natural and not modern style to appear as part of the tropical forest behind it, as the hotel integrates its various areas, rooms and swimming pools with forest areas, where inside it hang branches, trees and flowers, which gives the place a fresh natural atmosphere, as the hotel is characterized by its atmosphere A festive festive event that is held in international bars and restaurants located on the banks of romantic swimming pools, where this festive atmosphere is characterized by calm and romance, the hotel provides couples physical and health treatments with traditional Malaysian medicine and massage treatments As for the hotel rooms, they spread over an area of ​​the green forest, so that the guests feel like part of the amazing forest.

  • The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort Hotel:

This romantic secluded hotel is located on Datai Bay Beach in the far northwest of Langkawi Island, one of the most romantic accommodation in Langkawi, it is very suitable for those looking for a luxurious hotel experience, and behind this hotel is a wonderful tropical forest that is more than ten million years old, while in front of The hotel has wonderful marine coral reefs over 8000 years old, the hotel is keen to provide its guests with many distinguished entertainment services, the rooms in the hotel are characterized by being comfortable and spacious overlooking the charming beach or overlooking the hotel’s swimming pools and some of them overlooking the tropical forest. The hotel Organize cruise boats, kayak trips and other marine whale watching, as well as trips to nature photography.

  • The Frangipani Langkawi Resort Hotel:

This hotel is located on Pantai Cenang Beach, and it is considered one of the most luxurious romantic Langkawi resorts, and despite being located in the most secluded section of the beach, it remains close to the interesting leisure activities that take place on the beach. The hotel includes 115 rooms, all of which are contemporary design and contain unique hotel facilities Such as sea-view balconies, tropical forests, and luxurious restaurants for romantic dinners. The hotel has many activities for couples that offer a spa center, massages, kayaks and night fishing activities, as well as water biking, In addition to the availability of excursions amid the picturesque tropical nature.

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