The article on tourism in Turkey, Cappadocia, prepared by the Arab Travelers website, guides you to a number of the best tourist attractions in Cappadocia located in the east of the Anatolia region, which is due to its tourist importance due to the abundance of its natural and historical landmarks, the most prominent of which are the village of sprites, Derniku, the Museum of Zulf, and the Valley of Illhara. And because the unique trip is not complete without staying in a special place, the article reviews a number of the best Turkish hotels in Cappadocia.

The best places of tourism in Turkey Cappadocia

Goblins village
Goblins village

The goblins village (goreme valley)

  • It is located in the state of Nevsehir.
  • UNESCO has included it on the World Heritage List.
  • One of the best places for fans of excursions.
  • The opportunity to be at an altitude of up to 300 meters by riding air balloons.
  • Official Website.

Zelve Open Air Museum

  • Also known as Zulfi Valley.
  • Rich in monumental buildings of temples, churches and houses.
  • It includes several caves.
  • It contains many religious paintings.
  • One of the most suitable places for rock climbers.
  • There are many cafes and restaurants near it.


Derinkuyu underground city

  • It has been the home of many Christians hundreds of years ago.
  • It has many mazes.
  • One of the best places for fans of excursions.

Elhara Valley
Elhara Valley
Elhara Valley

Ihlara valley

  • Its depth is 100 meters.
  • It is located near Mount Melendez and Mount Hassan.
  • It has 4 entrances, the most beautiful of which is the second entrance, due to its richness in picturesque trees, yet it represents the furthest entrance.
  • Enriched with enchanting natural features from water sources and trees of various types.

Best Cappadocia hotels

The Lodge Hotel

  • It is near many important sights.
  • It provides the opportunity to engage in many interesting activities, such as riding skids
  • Official Website.

Dinler Hotel

  • It is located in the Cappadocia region.
  • Attached to it are many high-end leisure facilities.
  • Official Website.

Sakura Hotel

  • It is located in a relatively close proximity to Newshore Airport.
  • Location on the map.

Check out the article resources to learn more landmarks and plan your trip to the sparkling Cappadocia.
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