Tourism in Necker Island is one of the important national income sources on this island, as Necker Island is completely dependent on tourism to encourage national income. Necker Island is considered one of the Virgin Islands of Virgin and Nicker Island has many tourism ingredients that attract many tourists around the world. From the British Virgin Islands.

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Travel to Necker Island

The most important tourist attractions in NeckerTravel to Nicker Island: You can reach Necker Island through Puerto Rico, or through accessing the famous Barbados Island and then access to barking and from barking to Necker Island and the journey between Nikah and Necker Island no more than thirty minutes, and Necker Island can also be reached directly By using helicopters Read also: Tourist activities in the Seychelles

Why do newcomers come to Nicker?

Necker Island
Why do newcomers come to Necker? Many arrivals come to Necker annually, because it is considered one of the islands that are characterized by the charming nature of the lightning heart, where wonderful landscapes, mild weather, wonderful breeze and other environmental conditions that encourage tourists to come to this island, and this The island is considered the most private island in the world, as those responsible for it can fully book this island to a specific person, family or party, in addition to Nicker Island which is considered one of the most peaceful romantic places suitable for honeymooning for the couple, and it is also able to accommodate families and families. Beautiful family lattes and providing them with an appropriate atmosphere to enjoy the island to the fullest, in addition to that the island contains a distinguished and trained staff at the highest level to carry out tourist functions and services to the satisfaction of the visitor, and this crew consists of 60 individuals, all of this in addition to that it has many places Wonderful tourism within the island, which is one of the factors attracting many tourists

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Necker Island

Necker Island beaches

Necker beachesThe most beautiful tourist attractions in Nikert IslandNicker is characterized as having fine and quiet beaches and these beaches are characterized by clear crystal clear water, as well as soft sand, and these beaches are considered one of the attractions for tourists where they can swim, dive, surf and other different water sports, in addition to visitors making baths The sun, and there are fine restaurants, hotels, and attractive resorts at these beaches, and these resorts are biras creek resort, in addition to high-end restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and drinks. Therefore, the beaches of Necker Island are one of the means of ester For relaxation, recreation, fun and entertainment, too, do not hesitate to visit Necker. Read also: Tourism in the Micronesia Islands

Richard Branson’s home

Richard Branson's homeThe most beautiful tourist attractions in Nicker IslandRichard Branson house is considered one of the most important tourist places on Nicker Island, and this house is owned by the famous British billionaire Richard Branson, and this house is characterized by that it overlooks the famous Nicker Island, and this house consists of eight large rooms, and each room Equipped with a private bathroom as well as a terrace, and there is also a pool in the home garden as well as two tennis courts, and it is noteworthy that there are five rooms from this house overlooking the British Virgin Islands and one of the most famous islands that rooms overlook the island of Bali, and Richard’s house is one of the most important places of tourism in Nick Island The house was totally destroyed by its fire under the influence of a strong electric shock, but it was restored and developed in a dazzling way, as the original design of this house was preserved, but it was provided with some other capabilities, as it was worked to provide the house with a large wing directly overlooking the sea, as it Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea, and this suite covers an area of ​​about 1500 square feet. This house has recently been converted into a tourist resort for grooms on honeymoon as well as families where this house can accommodate about 30 individuals as well as 6 children, but no one can sleep In this house or palace because it is expensive N is exaggerated, as the night per night in this house reaches about 60 thousand dollars, and it is worth noting that the palace is suitable for parties, special occasions, weddings and birthdays, as it is equipped with the necessary capabilities for that, and the house has a room for preparing and eating and this room accommodates more than Thirty people.

Accommodation in Necker Island

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Necker IslandWhere to stay in Necker IslandNicker is considered one of the most distinguished islands with its own accommodations, as it provides accommodation in the form of separate houses, where the island has about three separate houses, in addition to the main house owned by Necker Island, which is characterized by its unique and elegant design, where this house contains It contains about ten bedrooms, and all of these rooms overlook the charming landscape, as it contains many places to eat inside and outside the house, this is for the main house and the other three houses are located near each other and all are located near the main Main It was established by relying on bamboo, wood and rocks for walls as well as ceilings.

Activities carried out by visitors inside Necker Island

Necker is considered one of the best islands that are characterized by privacy, in addition to that it enables individuals to do many different activities, and from these activities, it provides a family atmosphere for visitors through the form of residence buildings, which I presented in the form of houses where visitors can sit with each other and interlacing, which helps To spend quality time between them, in addition to Nicker owns a large gymnasium, it also has the largest royal tennis courts, and has a swimming pool for visitors to swim, and enables visitors to hike and walk in the picturesque nature, as it also has many fresh waterfalls B in the island’s private pool, which is a wonderful and beautiful view, which is considered one of the most important tourist attractions on Necker Island.

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