Tourist activities in Lausanne, which is the second largest city in Switzerland, and it is one of the charming cities that mixes the vitality of European cities with the beauty of the charming Swiss countryside.

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Tourist activities in Lausanne ..

Tourist activities in LausanneTourist activities in Lausanne

Boating and making a lake tour ..

Boating and making a lake tour ..
Boat rides and a tour of the lake .. One of the most beautiful tourist activities in Lausanne Boat rides and a tour of the lake among family and friends, where there are a lot of boats that are prepared for rent at the lake site at affordable prices. You can enjoy sitting on the shores of the lake with the family and have a snack while observing the ducks He is floating in the lake, and also wandering around the lake and getting to know the place. Visitors should not miss the rise of the Sofitel Tower, which is located near the lake, as it gives you beautiful views of the lake and the nature that surrounds it, making it suitable for taking beautiful memorial photos. Olympic Museum ..Visiting the Olympic Museum ..Visiting the Olympic Museum..One of the most important tourism activities in Lausanne is to tour the Olympic Museum, which displays a huge collection of exhibits, including artifacts from the Olympic Games, artworks for sports, stamps, Olympic coins and everything related to the Olympic Games. Visitors can also buy some beautiful souvenirs that The store displays them in the Olympic Museum of Lausanne and includes sportswear, games, antiques, etc. Visitors visit the Olympic Park, which is near the museum, and is accepted by many tourists due to its presence on the bank of Lake Leman as it suits the Family outings and sports lovers. Animal world..The city provides for legendary lovers to find all their excitement in many zoos in the region where poultry and birds are located to collect a lake of fairy tales that you can identify by boat. There is also a bourge park that includes many animals to The side of the famous and known barn in Repos, which includes more than 200 species of animals such as reptiles, amphibians and crocodiles.

Enjoying theater, cinema and circus ..

Cultural life is characterized by the intensity of activity on stage, movies and other representations suitable for all ages. The collection of folk art can also be seen in the fortress of Pu Liu, in the Silo Foundation, or the Fundación de lermitage and in the Photo of the Elysee Museum and the Pipe Museum and others.

Spending quality time in parks ..

Spending quality time in parks ..Spend a fun time in the parks..There are many parks that a visitor can visit in Lausanne and spend a wonderful and fun time in them, including the Planet and Arboretum parks, Claude Nicular, Marmot Paradise, Pri Vert, La Sarrage, Adventure Park, the city of Van Planet and others.

Doing Roller Skater.

Doing Roller Skater.The practice of Roller Skater .. Many tourists accept the port of O’Shea, which is located south of the city of Lausanne on the edge of Lake Geneva, in order to practice the sport of Roller Skater, where many frequented the ancient and small size to practice this wonderful and dangerous sport.

Cruises ..

Cruises ..Cruises .. Sea lovers are provided with sea trips where they can go on a cruise on one of the huge ships from the Lake Geneva Shipping Company or surfing, and cruises can be made on boats for hire.
Enjoying swimming where about ten swimming pools are located, including what is covered, including what is open in the open air in the Lausanne region, in addition to a water park with hot pools.

Enjoy a charming nature ..

You can enjoy the charming nature and wonderful natural scenery, which is one of the most beautiful tourist activities in Lausanne, surrounded by forests and vineyards that are carefully and carefully protected to be among the greenest European cities in Europe.

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