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Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, which is one of the most visited monuments in Berlin, is located west of Unter den Den Linden, which is the only city gate remaining in Berlin, and was considered a symbol of the division of Germany from 1961 AD to 1989 AD, and Carl J. Langhans began building a gate Brandenburg in 1788 AD and finished in 1791 AD, and the portal is made of sandstone, and it consists of twelve columns, and five gates The gate in the middle is for royal use only, and the gate is 20 meters high, 65 meters wide and 11 meters deep.

The Reichstag building

The Reichstag, which is the seat of the German Parliament, is a few meters away from Brandenburger Tor, construction of the building began in 1884 AD, and was completed in 1894 AD, and the Reichstag building was subjected to a fire that changed its shape in 1933, and the architect Norman Foster returned The restoration of the building in 1990, and since 1999 the Reichstag building has again become a meeting place for the German Parliament.

Charlottenburg Palace

The construction of Charlottenburg Palace, Johann Arnold Nering, began in 1695 AD, and the building was completed after his death Martin Grunberg and Johann Osander Guth.

Other tourist attractions in Berlin

Here are some other tourist attractions in Berlin:

  • Berlin Tower or TV Tower: This tower, the tallest building in Berlin, is near Alexanderplatz and was built in the 1960s.
  • Gundarmen Market Square: Gendarmenmarkt This Berlin’s most unique square includes architectural wonders, French and German cathedrals.

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