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Mount Nimrod

It is believed that King Antiochus Theus built a sacred temple on the top of Mount Nemrut, which is 2134 meters high, and in 62 BC the temple contained many statues of Greek and Persian gods, two lions and two great eagles, but today the temple is in poor condition Heads were separated from the statues and were found on the mountain.

Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle, with an area of ​​2787 square meters, was a symbol of European Christian unity against the power of the Ottoman Empire, and its design gives a beautiful example of medieval architecture. The castle currently houses the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology which is one of the finest museums In the world, the museum contains relics and jewelry dating back to the classical, ancient bronze and Hellenistic periods.


Ephesus is located south of the Kester River in Lydia, an ancient Turkish city, and in the middle of the seventh century BC the city entered history when it was attacked by the Sumerians. Seljuq was built in the year 1375 AD.


Cappadocia, which is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey, is located in the north of the Taurus Mountains in central Turkey, and it includes a large number of monuments such as: Goreme National Park, which has a large number of churches and residences built on rocks, and has been included in the list UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1985, the city of Derenkoyo underground, and the remains of the city of Canis dating back to the third millennium BC and contain tens of thousands of clay tablets, which is one of the oldest written documents discovered in Turkey, and has been found in a commercial colony Assyrian.

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