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Tunisian tourist places

Tunisia is famous for its distinguished tourist and archeological sites, including the following:

  • Sidi BousaidIt is a picturesque village, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and is characterized by its cobbled streets, white houses, and glistening blue windows.
  • Geylan Palace Oasis: It is a desert oasis located on the edge of the vast desert dunes, and this oasis is taken for camel rides, and this oasis is distinguished by its golden sand.
  • Ancient barbarian villages in southern Tunisia: There are many beautiful landscapes in the south of Tunisia, as well as the ancient barbarian villages on top of hills, silos, and residences, and you can tour the local local markets in the region.
  • The cities of Medinas, Sfax and KairouanMedinas is considered one of the ancient walled cities, and its construction dates back to the Arabs and the Turks, and it is still present today.
  • Romen ruins of CarthageIt is considered one of the Romen ruins, it contains resorts, and the Romen amphitheater is considered one of the best monuments.
  • Island of Djerba: It is a beautiful island, full of historical relics and charming main cities.
  • Dar Al Ameri MuseumIt contains a number of wonderful things and souvenirs, which provide an unparalleled view about the ancient history of the city, and are represented by stories and tales around the city, and it is one of the most attractive places for tourists.

Tourism in Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the famous tourist countries, as it is considered one of the tourist destinations for tourists all over Europe and the Americas, and perhaps one of the most important factors that encourage tourism in the region is the hospitality and delicious food that characterizes the country, in addition to the diversity of Tunisian culture, and the reason for cultural diversity is due to Periods of Ottoman rule, then French rule, and the Jews and Christians living alongside the Muslim majority. As for the Tunisian capital, it contains old Arab markets, mosques, and modern office buildings. There are also many other cities in the country.

Definition of the state of Tunisia

Tunisia is located in the continent of Africa, with a total area of ​​163,610 square kilometers, where its land area constitutes 155,360 square kilometers, and its water area is 8,250 square kilometers, and it is thus the 93rd largest country in the world by area, and in 1591 AD Tunisia gained its independence, And that is after she gained her sovereignty from Turkey, and the country shares with Libya and Algeria the land borders.

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