Today we will go to the best restaurants in the Jazan region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, between takeaway restaurants and seafood, as well as pizza restaurants and italyn meals, as they will be shown during the following lines.

happy times Restaurant
A restaurant that carries a lot of its name where it carries happiness already to those who eat meals in it, there is this restaurant in 3867 King Fahd Street in Jizan, it features places of high luxury seating and the restaurant provides high-level service, also provides meals and dinner at a very sophisticated level especially in seafood and also Barbecue, cleanliness and service high, grade, level of cooking and food by virtue of its patrons is wonderful and very delicious.

Coast Pearl Restaurant
Among the best restaurants that receive large groups and make occasions that need banquets, this restaurant is located in 4561 King Fahd Street in Jizan region, depends on the provision of takeaway and fast food, chefs are east of South but have extensive experience in western food from takeaway, as well as provides food Popular, fresh and favorite for many Saudis as well as residents with more than wonderful service from the staff.

India Gate Restaurant
This restaurant offers lots and lots of distinctive Indian meals where the dazzling and delicious Asian spices are. The restaurant is in Jizan near Pizza Hut, it works throughout the week from 1:00 p.m. until midnight, the restaurant offers a classy and distinctive level of service similar to the large Indian restaurants in Riyadh is known for its cleanliness and high monotony.

Figaro Cafe
The restaurant is famous for providing distinctive meals in addition to fine drinks and distinctive eastern and western sweets, many families prefer to be in the restaurant always, especially with the availability of appropriate sessions for families, in addition to the professionalism in providing delicious food and the luxury of the place as a whole, an adequate address in Al Rashid Mall in Jizan.

Pizza Hut
A wonderful trip will be with the world of italyn pizza, and as it is famous about the wonderful branches of Pizza Hut, it will be fun with pizza with its different types, high quality of cleanliness and calmness with distinguished service, do not hesitate to take your family and enjoy the italyn pizza and you may be surprised by the presence of pizza cheese The delicious Quraysh, so make sure you and your family eat it, as it may be strange for ordinary people, but it achieved great popularity in this restaurant.

Al Maali Restaurant
If you like seafood, you should choose this restaurant, which is based on preparing fast seafood quickly, where fresh grilled and fried fish and delicious Albanian shrimp, crab and seafood soup, and it is unique that the restaurant is large and can accommodate two floors, i.e. families and parties can be received in a leading way, there is This restaurant is in Jazan, North Corniche.

Rome Way
A restaurant that combined the beauty of the site with the luxury of the place, as well as delicious food with the testimony of the accustomed to the restaurant, the restaurant specializes in italyn meals, especially pizza and the doughy pizza dough that is truly perfect, sophisticated and professional level by chefs and employees, and its prices are excellent and affordable for everyone, there is the restaurant in Al Rashid Mall.

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