This park is considered one of the most important sources of tourist attraction to Singapore, where many tourists come to it from all sides and quickly turned into a global tourist attraction thanks to the distinguished planning of the park and its charming nature. Merlion Park is located next to the Central Business District, near the city outskirts, next to the Singapore Spinning Wheel, overlooking the Marina Bay. It is easily accessible through local transportation. The park was opened in 1972.

The name of the park is called Merlion, due to the presence of two Merlion statues in the garden. The length of this statue is about 8.6 meters and it weighs about 70 tons as it comes out of its mouth with water. The Merlion is a mythical creature in the country with a lion’s head and a fish body and has implications for the culture and heritage of Singapore, and this statue has become an icon and symbol of tourism in Singapore as it is one of the most beautiful statues found in the country and has become a symbol of welcome and good reception for visitors in Singapore. Tourism is crowded in the park next to the Merlion statue on the walled pier for memorial photos, which is a pier overlooking the bay in a breathtaking sight that captivates the eye.

The park provides a walkway for sports enthusiasts to walk and run on, and bikes can be rented and can take a tour around the place. The park also provides some boats where you can take a boat on a trip along the bay, through which you can see some places that amaze you, such as the floating stadium, a playground that floats above the surface of the water and is considered the largest stadium of its kind in the world, in addition to watching the rotating wheel of Singapore with its huge height that reaches 165 meters. It is also possible to book in advance for a snack and drink refreshing juices on the boat.

And you can walk around the park in two ways, either on foot or using the open bus that will take you on a tour through the place where you get to know the parts of the park and the surrounding attractions, really it is an enjoyable experience. The park includes a group of distinguished restaurants and cafes, so you can rest for a while and have a meal inside one of these restaurants in front of the Marina Bay and next to the magnificent Merlion statue in a natural scene that captures the heart.

Singapore is characterized by its small size and its attractions are close to each other, so you can visit more than one tourist attraction on the same day. It is located near the Merlion Park, the spectacular spiral bridge that shines at night with its magnificent lights, as well as the floating stadium floating on the surface of the water. The famous Bay Sanders Hotel, as well as the Singapore Rotating Wheel and Science Museum, which is unique in its design, can be seen.

Things to do in Merlion Park
Take a tour of the park, whether on foot or by taking the open bus that takes you on a tour around the entire park.
– Walking and jogging, and cycling.
– Take memorial photos next to the Merlion statue from the walled pier.
– Rest inside a restaurant in the Merlion Park and have a meal.
– Take a boat ride, take a cruise in the bay, and watch the park and attractions.

– Sightseeing near the park, such as the Science Museum, Singapore Spinning Wheel, Spiral Bridge, and Floating Stadium.

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