There is no doubt that Ain Sukhna is characterized by many advantages as it is considered the preferred interface to many to many families who want to spend the best holidays in warm weather and this is throughout the summer and winter, and this is where its location is distinguished because it is one of the most tourist destinations that exist In Cairo, it has a large number of the finest tourist villages, which have the best services and activities, including yacht trips, bar shotting, cable cars, snorkling, jet ski and glass boat, and this is beside the presence of sulfur water and springs in which there is hot water, which is located in the mountains of Ataka, which is what Its treatment and prices vary, as the prices of accommodation in the various tourist resorts, which are appropriate for all groups, are distinguished by having distinctive tourist destinations.

The most important places that are in Ain Sokhna

It is called the paradise of beaches because it is known to be one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world and it has white sand and blue waters and high and tall mountains.
There is a distinctive wild life, as it includes many rare flowers, thorn bushes and aromatic plants, and it is spread in many sports such as water skiing, diving, sailing and many other useful sports.

The most important tourist villages and chalet prices are available for rent in the hot eye, which is the village of Amigo Ain Sukhna, and this is after Stella Di Mare Hotel, which is on the 33 km from Ain Sukhna Suez road, and the average price of chalets for rent in the village of Amigo is 400 pounds per day .
Also, the port of Ain Sokhna Oasis, which is located 67 km from the Zaafarana Road, and the average price of chalets for rent in one village is Mina 400 pounds per day.

Porto resort, which is only 20 km from Ain Sokhna. The first resort is located on restaurant chains or the most beautiful villas and residential complexes, and this is on an area of ​​2.5 meters. The average price of chalets for rent in Porto Sokhna is 600 pounds per day.

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