Tourist places for children in Vienna .. Vienna occupies a great place in the hearts of children thanks to the entertainment places that they like, and Arab travelers give you your guide to reach these places and the happiness of your children ..

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Tourist places for children in Vienna …

Here … the most popular tourist places for children in Vienna …

Zoom Museum for Children …

Zoom Museum for Children ...– Zoom Museum for Children … It is an ideal place to spend a special outing with children thanks to its entertainment activities and entertaining games that children prefer, and it is not limited to playing only, but there are some activities that help to develop children’s mental abilities and encourage them to be creative in drawing some artistic paintings on their own, And the museum provides specialized trainers to teach children the origins of the art of drawing so that they are able to design an artistic painting on their own, in addition to developing their coloring skill and knowing how to choose the appropriate color for each painting and at the end of the day the child is given the painting that he prepared by himself to keep in his room, which gives him confidence It is a great place in itself. Read also: The most important malls and markets in Vienna … 4 best markets in Vienna

– Schonbrunn Palace ..

- Schonbrunn Palace ..
– Schönbrunn Palace .. It includes programs dedicated to children besides more recreational activities that they like, and allows them to practice a lot of entertainment work and wearing beautiful fancy dress clothes, most of which are property designed specifically for children as accompanied by a guide to explain the nature of life in the Middle Ages and the quality of food and drink that was Children eat it during this period, as they get acquainted with their clothes and toys that they are used to practicing throughout the palace. This palace is suitable for all age groups and is not limited to children only. The palace also includes many interesting games, most notably games with S climbing next to a large stadium special devoted to children. Schönbrunn Palace is considered the main destination for children in Vienna thanks to its entertaining games, interesting information and educational and entertainment value. The palace is characterized by its wonderful and vital location near the metro station which is preferred by families, besides it provides all means of entertainment and fun through programs designed to make children happy and gives them The ability to run and play in the gardens that the palace houses, all of which open its doors to visitors for free, and do not miss the opportunity for your children to wear the clothes of kings and princes, and take the best memorial photos for the first children’s museum in Vienna, which brings them pleasure and learn about the nature of children’s lives with the stick Central.

The Vienna Zoo …

Vienna Zoo ...– The Zoo in Vienna … It is the favorite place for any child in the world, and the park includes a distinct group of pets and amusement, on top of which are monkeys and children have the possibility to feed themselves and the park occupies a large historical place and is considered part of the Schönbrunn Palace gardens and was classified by UNESCO as one of The oldest historical sites include more than 700 species of various pets and predators, and most of them are liked by children such as giant pandas. The park also includes a large group of Siberian tigers. Read also: Cheap markets in Vienna ..

– The city of cabarets “Prater” …

- The city of cabarets "Prater" ...– The amusement park “Prater”… It occupies a great tourist and historical place as it is the oldest amusement park at the level of Vienna, and it includes distinguished games that made it be the first destination for children in Vienna and it is suitable for adults and children thanks to the distinct set of interesting games and some adventure and fun games such as the hurricane and the Rater Tower In addition to the game of Flying Chair and Black Pampas preferred by children, the date of its inception dates back to the year 1162 AD. The oldest theme park in Vienna is considered the most popular and crowded tourist place throughout the week thanks to its fun giant games such as the giant Ferris wheel that competes Adventure lovers. The cabaret includes wide green spaces where the main haven for the rulers to get more comfort and recreation, and thus it is the ideal place for fans of tranquility and recreation and the best place to spend the weekly vacation for children and all family members where they can rent motorbikes and take the most beautiful tour inside the city of the cabaret and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. And take the most beautiful memorial photos.

The Chocolate Museum.

The Chocolate Museum.– The Chocolate Museum..and occupies a special place in the hearts of tourists and there is an opportunity for children to taste the finest types of chocolate, which is an ideal place for them to get the largest amount of candy they have.

– “Bouje” park .. where the largest stadiums in Vienna ..

It is characterized by being the largest indoor playground in Vienna and has a large number of fun and popular games for children. The park also includes distinctive restaurants that offer delicious folk cuisine and the Boogie Garden will impress your children and they will ask you to visit them every week. Read also: Outlet in Vienna ..

– Butterflies house ..

- Butterflies house ..– The butterfly house..It is considered one of the most popular tourist places for children in Vienna as it is the ideal place for your children to find their pleasure in seeing the most beautiful forms and colors of butterflies and the possibility of playing with them, and by being in the butterfly house you will get to know hundreds of types of beautiful butterflies of delightful color, and the butterfly house is called “Schmittlering House”, and there you can enjoy wandering among the beautiful butterflies that fly above your shoulders and accompany you everywhere, as you can watch recorded films about the lives of hundreds of butterflies in detail, and the butterfly house occupies a privileged and vital location between the Albertina Museum and Berg Park, it is a natural reserve for Ml kinds of butterflies.

– Natural History Museum..

- Natural History Museum..– The Museum of Natural History..and occupies a great tourist position thanks to the large collection of archaeological artifacts alongside stuffed animals and the structures of giant and extinct animals such as dinosaurs that attract the admiration of adults and young people and are keen to take the most beautiful memorial photos with their company, and next to the valuable archaeological artifacts that the museum contains It has a large assortment of plants besides insects, and there are specialized guides to explain to your children the life of these creatures in detail, thus going to the Natural History Museum with the aim of learning and hiking together.

Horse Riding School ..

Horse Riding School ..– Horse riding school..It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Vienna and very suitable for children as it teaches them the art of dealing with horse and how to ride it properly and harmless to them, and the Spanish horse school is the first in Vienna to teach horseback riding, and is suitable for all different ages, and children find Their enjoyment in watching many interesting shows offered by horses, as the school organizes many training courses for them by specialized trainees, and it is also possible for them to participate in periodic tours inside the school to get to know the life of the horses closely and see all their actions inside their homes equipped with the highest level of peace School and learn about the nature of food and drink, which gives them strength and good health, and horses offer a large number of distinctive and very enjoyable performances that are continuously admired by children, especially the “Lips Anas” dance. The school provides a distinctive café and offers delicious snacks and delicious drinks.

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