Tourism in Egypt is one of the oldest trips in history, as Egypt’s archaeological tourist attractions attracted millions of tourists throughout its history. Tourist attractions in Egypt depend not only on the ancient Egyptian monuments and temples, but also extend to include historical monuments and buildings for all civilizations and cultures such as the Coptic and Islamic civilizations in their diversity such as the Arab, Mamluk and Fatimid monuments. And others. It is wonderful in tourism in Egypt that you will not be limited to one type of tourism, as there are cultural, beach, recreational and medical tourism as well.

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Tourist places in Egypt, and where do you go for tourism in Egypt?


Alexandria is one of the oldest coastal cities in Egypt. Its existence dates back to the era of “Alexander the Great”, from which it took its name in 331 BC. Alexandria was considered due to its strategic location on the Mediterranean coast, the crossroads of the world for a long time, so it includes many ancient and modern monuments. Tourists can visit many historical buildings in Alexandria traditionally, but what is different is that it is possible to visit underwater ruins as well.

Siwa Oasis

Among the various unconventional places inside Egypt where the oasis is located in the heart of the inner desert near the borders with the state of Libya, which made it remain isolated throughout its history, retaining a special character until its discovery at the end of the nineteenth century AD. Siwa Oasis attracts tourists increasingly during the last period due to its calmness and presence Many natural waterfalls and thousands of acres of palm plantations, as well as Romen ruins and ancient local buildings.

Sharm El-Shaikh

“Sharm El Sheikh” city may be one of the most famous tourist places in Egypt and it is located at the top of the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula. The famous “Sharm El Sheikh” is due to its unique location on the Red Sea coast, which makes it one of the most amazing diving areas around the world in addition to safari trips that Organized by cars, bikes and beauty, too. There are many ancient religious attractions in “Sharm El-Sheikh” such as Jabal Moussa and St. Catherine Monastery.


The city of Aswan is one of the most important tourist places in Egypt, where the beauty of nature meets the splendor of ancient history. Aswan is the center from which excursions to the temples of “Philae”, “Abu Simbel” and “Ramses II” where the sun perpendicular to the king’s face each year in memory of His birth.

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After 1000 years of building the famous pyramids, a new civilization arose in the south of ancient Egypt in the city of “Luxor” or the city of palaces as Muslims called it when opening Egypt. Luxor alone includes “a third” of the ancient world monuments and is located on its land the largest ancient place of worship on the face of the earth “temple” Karnak. ”It also includes many diverse monuments, such as the cities of the dead in the West Bank of the Nile, the Temple of“ Hatshepsut, ”and the Valley of Kings and Queens. .

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