Singapore is classified as one of the most prominent modern cities in the world, enjoying a rich cultural and civilizational diversity, which includes nationalities from different countries of the world. Many come to it either for business or enjoying tourism as it is an enjoyable destination; it includes a wide variety of tourist destinations such as gardens, museums, entertainment places, and fun beaches. Whatever the purpose of your visit to Singapore requires, an easy transportation system will transport you to any destination you want quickly and efficiently, and that is exactly what the city provides for you.

Transportation in Singapore


The train is one of the fastest means of transportation in Singapore, as it transports you around the outskirts of the entire city in a very short time, called MRT, which means rapid mass transit. Railways run through the entire Singapore passing through many important tourist attractions, so your arrival to any of them will not take more It’s a few minutes walk. You can buy a ticket for every ride, but if you plan to use it regularly during your visit, it is best to buy a Singapore tourist card, which saves you a lot of money. The price of the ticket used during the whole day reaches ten Singapore dollars, and allows you to travel in Singapore indefinitely Through public transport connections that include trains and buses. As for the card used over two days, it costs up to sixteen Singapore dollars, and the three-day card costs twenty Singapore dollars. You can buy that ticket from the transit link office for tickets located at different MRT stations; City And for, Raffles Place, Bayfront, Tanjung Pajar, Harbourfront, Chinatown, Faro Park, Changi Airport, Bugis, Lavender, Yurong East, Cranji, Woodlands, Ang Moe Q, or in Conceso. Or it can be purchased from the franchise exchange office at Somerset Station, Trains and stations provide entrances for wheelchair and stroller users as well.Train


Another ideal means of transportation in Singapore is that the city’s bus system has a distinct road network covering most areas of the city. Buses are the cheapest means of transportation in Singapore besides being one of the most beautiful transportation chains in the region. You can pay the bus fare using the EZ Link Stord Value card, or through the Singapore Tourist Card. Once you get on the bus, pass the card on the card reader, which you find next to the driver, and do not forget to pass it back on the machine before you get off the bus. You can also pay cash If you do not own either of the cards, but you need the original Singapore currency and not accept others while paying. Transfers in Singapore using the bus are very convenient;Buses

Taxis taxis

Taxis are a convenient means of transportation, available around all parts of the city, and it is considered the best means for transportation in Singapore to places where buses or trains do not go. To which you are heading and the company to which the taxi belongs. To find out the fare price you can ask the driver before the ride, and you can also ask him for a detailed fare invoice when paying. You can park a taxi from the road in most areas of Singapore. You can also get one of the taxi stations, which you can find in malls, hotels and tourist attractions, and because of their availability easily, it is preferred by many people within transportation in Singapore. If you want to book a taxi You can call 5222-6342 and you will be referred to; the taxi company call center available at this time.Taxis taxis

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