In this article, we offer you travel advice to Egypt because visiting any other country for entertainment and tourism is an enjoyable experience in order to discover new landmarks and civilizations, so it requires advance planning and familiarity with the basic information before arriving at the intended destination so that the fun is complete in an experience that is unique During travel to Cairo Al-Moez as they call it Egyptians, especially that Egypt is a large and multi-faceted country. Do you need information to travel to Egypt and search for an expert to travel to help?, “Arab Travelers” provides you with the most important travel advice to Egypt with the details of a pleasant trip.

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The most important travel advice to Egypt

Appropriate transportation

The process of traveling to Egypt can be tricky without the proper planning process, as the distances between Egyptian cities are somewhat long, and it is important to choose the appropriate means of transportation during the movement process to avoid the hassles of travel and travel between different destinations during the trip. Aviation, EgyptAir is the only internal company available to you; you can book all your flights early through the internet, especially in high seasons, and it is advised that you check your email from time to time during your stay to follow the schedule of notifications in the event of any rescheduling until You can Holiday schedule also coordinate your trip early. You can also book your flight with Egypt Air through the official website of the company from hereAppropriate transportationAppropriate transportation means in the event that you arrive at the airport, you can easily rent a private car that is in your possession throughout the trip through the car rental offices, and you can also do this process through the management of the hotel in which you will reside, or through multiple travel agencies if you contract Someone.


There is no doubt that you know that Egypt is a country that speaks the Arabic language, but many of its residents speak fluent English along with many other foreign languages, and the Egyptian people are distinguished by the friendliness they possess so you can feel it by talking to drivers and the hotel team and you can also To speak with citizens on the street without any concern.Language


Do not worry about the prices, the official currency there is the “Egyptian pound”, and the prices of products on the market are much cheaper than in many other countries around the world, especially the prices of fresh vegetables and fruits; even entrance fees to archaeological sites are much cheaper than their counterparts in other countries. So if you are from Shopping hobby, you have unlimited choices during the purchase process during your stay, and there are three main markets (Aswan, Cairo and Luxor), in order of preference, and the Khan Al-Khalili is considered the largest in Cairo.CurrenciesCurrencies and please do not bring the Scottish pound or the New Zealand dollar because they are unacceptable currencies in Egypt, so please make sure before you come about the extent of your currency accepting to trade in the Egyptian market, and if you want to use the ATM, they mostly accept Visa and MasterCard cards, and if You cannot find an ATM in your vicinity; you can still obtain cash by going to a bank branch, as most banks operate from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 to 15:00. Note: Most major credit / debit cards, such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa and all U cards And, it accepted widely in various hotels and shops.


First of all, prepare yourself for a culture shock! There are many travelers who are surprised when they visit Egypt for the first time, where they find that it differs from any other country that they visited at a later time, as Egypt is an Islamic country. Therefore please respect their faith rites, and always try to be more conservative in your situations especially In public places like
Kissing, foreplaying your partner, or wearing revealing clothes, always remember that homosexuality is illegal in reality
Islamic countries.CultureCulture

Mobility Within The Country

Most Egyptian cities are completely safe, so you can go outside and wander around late at night, so you can easily dismount
For distances and the use of public transport. Carry a good map, or you can use Google services to help you in directions, and you must bear the hotel address.
And the phone number at all times; it is a good idea to ask the hotel staff to write each of these details for you in Arabic,
It also helps if you have to get directions from people who cannot read English.Mobility Within The CountryMobility Within The Country

General Instructions

This is one of the most important travel advice to Egypt to follow to make it easier for you during your stay in the country. From there, you must buy a “SIM” card.
Local to your mobile phone once you arrive in Egypt, which helps you make calls to the hotel or that travel agency
You contracted it or your guide, as there are no coin phones or prepaid cards to complete the call
For your own, follow the special advice given to you regarding wearing clothes, as the weather in Egypt is different from the rest of the world and always make sure
From weather conditions before leaving the place of residence, and if you are a woman you should always take a headscarf with you to use it in
Visiting religious and holy places. Do not forget before you leave these countries to visit the attractive coastal areas, museums and cities of the south “Upper Egypt” and remember to visit Sinai
Holy and to go on a Nile cruise at night. On all parts of the earth there is a dark and bright side, and we have to focus on the bright side so that we can reach a peak
We enjoyed this interesting visit, because Egypt is not only a desert country that possesses the Pharaonic monuments, but also has many civilizations;
And many tourist destinations, archaeological and non-archaeological, ancient and modern, so make sure that you will enjoy this trip
Unique but … Follow the travel advice to Egypt provided by a migratory site.General InstructionsGeneral Instructions

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