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Some may think that the benefit from travel and trips is to change the atmosphere and improve the psyche as they say, and many people do not know that travel has other benefits and benefits that reflect on the individual’s personality and culture and make him love to travel and travel a lot, and history has conveyed information about many of the great personalities that have gained their status due to their travel and benefits You earned from this, and here we mention the benefits of travel.

Travel and travel benefits

Increased culture

As caring for geography, peoples habits and their way of life makes a person very familiar with the country’s geography and has steady and correct information in his mind about those countries, and this also gives him experience in the way of dealing with the people and customs of these countries and knowing more about their lives and their cultures, and that travel enhances the ability Plan and study any Arab travelers or project before implementing it.


Most of the travel that was made in the past was due to curiosity and desire to discover beyond the seas and mountains, and the curiosity itself makes the owner delve deeper and search in matters that interest him and benefit his life.


When a person travels, he will be as keen as possible on his money, because he is in exile and if he is not fluent and improves the management of his expenses and his management, he will not find a way to obtain the money to return to his country, and this is beneficial to him in the way of defining and setting his priorities and spending the money according to the importance of it.


While traveling, a person may experience many difficult situations that were not taken into account, and he will have to face them without anyone’s help, and this develops the courage and courage to face situations and solve problems.

The ability to mix

This is a benefit resulting from frequent travel and dealing with strange people, so whoever is stranger with frequent travel will become a friend, and all this facilitates the way to deal with strangers and facilitates their understanding, because there is experience gained during travel and trips in how to deal with them.

Earn a new hobby

During travel, a person may be forced to know and gain a new hobby for him, which is to discover places he had not seen before, and to meet people he did not know and did not know that he would meet with them, and this would achieve more happiness in the soul.

Vaccinations against diseases

When traveling to other countries, of course, the person will take some vaccinations against diseases present in those countries that help him to avoid them when arriving in these countries, and upon returning to his country he will be distinguished from others and immune to taking these vaccinations.

Have experience in luggage packages

Frequent travel A person knows how to pack luggage in a simple and fast way, and gives him experience knowing exactly what he needs during travel and how to prepare his bag so that it contains all the requirements and at the same time easy to carry without taking large-sized items that have no benefit.


This is by enduring the hardships of travel and its troubles, whether it is by plane, by sea or by car, the seasickness and fear of boarding the plane will be gone, and the travel will address these concerns and make the trip more enjoyable.


Whereas, travel and exile teaches the person how to prepare food himself or wash his clothes and clean his room without anyone’s help, and also makes him depend on himself to take medicine or treat colds if he is exposed to it.

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