Traveling to Brazil

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The Federative Republic of Brazil is a country located in the South American continent alongside Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana from the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Paraguay and Argentina to the south, and from the western side it is bordered by the State of Peru and Bolivia. Brazil is one of the countries with a large area, as it ranked fifth in the world, with an area of ​​8,515,760 square kilometers, and also ranked fourth in terms of population.

Traveling to Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries that attract tourists and its travelers greatly, due to the availability of many distinctive tourist places, in addition to the availability of job opportunities for some arrivals from different parts of the world; in 2005 AD more than 5 million people visited Brazil with the aim of tourism, which increased economic income For the state, where annual tourism income is estimated at more than four billion dollars.

The most important places in Brazil

Among the most famous places to visit in Brazil:

  • The city of São Paulo: The city is located in the southeast of Brazil, with many skyscrapers and high towers designed in great ways. It also has many forests and gardens that the traveler enjoys, and it also provides him with relaxing green nature.
  • Tiradentes Palace: It is an old palace that was established in 1926 AD, an old prison place where Tiradents was imprisoned; a person known in Brazil as an active member in the Brazilian Revolution. To enjoy its wonderful construction and design.
  • Iguazu Falls: It is a group of waterfalls adjacent to each other located on the borders of Argentina and Brazil. The waterfalls are distinguished by their wonderful appearance in addition to the surrounding green nature and full of natural wildlife.
  • Recife: It is a city called Venice, because of the many bridges and waterways in it, and this city is distinguished from others as being located between tropical forests, which increased its beauty and stunning natural scenery.
  • Bertie Forest: They are tropical forests that include dense trees, high waterfalls and a group of coastal mountains. Because of the magic of the beauty of these forests, they were called the paradise of forests. As for their history, they go back to the feet.
  • Rei de Janeiro Theater: It is a large theater that was opened in 1909 AD, and many international arts and creations are displayed on its wood. The building was designed in a wonderful architectural way, as it was used in the construction of the finest materials and tools available at the time.


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