Greece represents the splendor of the present and the legacy of the past, as the Greeks managed to preserve their customs and traditions unlike many European peoples, and adhered to the Greek values ​​that have been prevalent in Greek society for thousands of years, and Greece was able to compete with the most advanced European countries to become the first travel destination in Europe and receive Visitors in huge numbers annually.

Places to visit in Greece

Santorini Island

Santorini Island offers one of the most romantic views on the earth, where the houses around the beaches of this island are wrapped with their intertwining building in a harmonious white color scheme, which makes it look like an artistic painting that the artist excelled in drawing, and the hotels in this island are characterized by the simple and traditional nature, and a room can be rented in one Families, to enjoy the splendor of sunset in clean water closely.

The Acropolis Parthenon

This building is located in Athens, and it reflects the originality of the first Greek civilization.

Mykonos Bay

Many directors have resorted to filming films that take place in Greece in this bay, due to the architectural splendor of its buildings, built next to each other to paralyze an interfering set of ways that seem like a labyrinth for visitors, but the people of the region keep their entrances and exits by heart, as it overlooks the best An area of ​​the Aegean Sea rich in fish, very blue waters and white sand, which attracted a lot of tourists to it, and this also helped in the preoccuAl Bahahn of a large number of its inhabitants in fishing as work for some and hobby of others.


This mountainous region mediates Greece, and is characterized by its rocky mountains that stand out from the ground vertically upward, to reach steep heights. The monks took advantage of this region to move away from the huge residential gatherings, and set up a number of monasteries in them. After several times of her visit, it appears to be stationary in the air, and the only way to reach these monasteries is a very long wooden staircase, due to the ancient feet of these monasteries and their cultural value in Greece, they were classified as one of the world heritage, and these monasteries attract a large percentage of tourists in Greece.

Samaria Valley

The valley is located on the Greek island of Crete, which is the national park of the country, and attracts about half a million visitors during one year. Visitors roam the national park through the paths created by nature, and this trip ends in stopping by one of the coastal villages wrapped around the park.

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