Tumblr Falls Malaysia: the most beautiful leisure and tourism activities in Malaysia

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The Tumblr Park waterfalls are one of the most famous natural and tourist attractions in the world. These waterfalls are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the Tumblr waterfalls are famous for their picturesque natural environment and high altitude, where it falls from above the water to appear in a wonderful view, especially during sunrise, so the water reflects the water drop so it is considered One of the most famous natural attractions to visit in Malaysia.

Tumblr Park Falls, Malaysia website:

Tumblr waterfalls are located close to the Indian temple, where they are located about half an hour away from the Malaysian capital, and have an area of ​​about 500 hectares. These waterfalls are a group of virgin natural forests that were not tainted by any talp and did not extend to the hands of human beings. Tumblr waterfalls are one of the The main parks that are suitable for holiday times for local residents or foreign tourists, due to the calmness of this region, it is possible to go to the waterfalls on foot for a distance of about a kilometer, where there is a clear indication within the forest, and it is also an ideal place for all nature lovers And lovers of b Tropical forests breached, there is no objection to notify the fire where there is a great family Mdilat grill fit to sit to relax or to eat or some soft drinks.

Tumblr waterfalls:

Tumblr waterfalls are famous for being one of the most famous virgin forests that humans have not interfered with and have not made any adjustments to, so it is a very suitable place for everyone who loves virgin forests and loves the picturesque nature, and these waterfalls are located in a forest surrounded by contain many distinctive and entertaining areas, where there is Places for hiking and tourism, as well as a dedicated area for hunting, as well as a dedicated car park and a number of private toilets, as well as a number of kiosks that sell all what tourists and visitors need, and Tumblr waterfalls also contain a place designated for camping as well as a place For friends and a R. There are families a place dedicated to the celebrations dedicated nightlife venues for barbecues.

Visit times:

It is possible to visit Tumblr Falls at any time as it is open all day, but it is better to visit it in the early morning hours, which gives the visitor a great opportunity to enjoy the waterfalls and take some memorial photos next to the waterfalls, and enjoy recreational activities.

The most important things to do in Tumblr Park Falls:

  • Visitors can enjoy spending a pleasant time during a picnic, in the greenery that spreads throughout the park.
  • Numerous places and some waterfall pools are equipped to enjoy swimming.
  • It is possible to sit in the tranquility of any of the park’s terraces that have been specially prepared for use as a charcoal barbecue.
  • It is possible to walk on foot or rent a bicycle from any of the rental offices within the park.
  • Camping, even one in any of the places designated for camping, in order to have more fun among the most beautiful parks.
  • Climbing rocks through waterfalls or swimming in the fresh water of the waterfalls, where its water is fresh and fresh, and inside it contains some small fish that are difficult to catch, which helps to provide an enormous opportunity to practice fishing hobby as one of the fun activities there.
  • Enjoy seeing some free animals inside the park, such as monkeys, which can be fed and seen while jumping between places lightly and quickly.
  • Take some souvenir photos with this wonderful picturesque place that is unparalleled in the whole world.




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