New information guide on the Singapore Botanical Garden, which is approximately 158 years old. This park is located in the shopping district of Orchard Road in the state of Singapore, and UNESCO has included it among the World Heritage sites. In 1859, this park was established and had a pivotal role in the growth and prosperity of the rubber trade in the region. And that was in the early twentieth century, when Henry Nicholas Ridley was her first scientific director where he was head of research in plant cultivation, where we focused on developing and perfecting the technique of rubber extraction, so rubber production spread quickly and witnessed several expansions that we will learn about in detail on the Arab Travelers website.

Singapore Botanical Garden website:

It is bounded on the east by the Cluny Road and on the west it is bounded by Tercal Street and Clooney Park while on the south side it is bordered by the Napier Road and the Netherlands Road and on the north it is bounded by the Bukit Temah road, in addition to the presence of many entrances in different areas all leading to the park, except that the Tanglin Gate which is located in Facing the Netherlands Road in the south is the main gate and the grand entrance.

The plant area of ​​Singapore Botanic Gardens is about 74 hectares, which is equivalent to 183 acres, and the Botanical Garden is the world wide that opens its doors from five in the morning until twelve midnight throughout the year, so you can enter the park without paying any fees, except for the Orchid Garden National located inside the park.

National Orchid Park:

The National Orchid Garden is considered the main attraction park located inside the botanical garden, this park is located in the western side of the middle of the mountain park at three hectares, it contains plant groups in excess of two thousand species of hybrid plants and contains more than 60,000 plant species also there are many Of the orchids, and inside this garden there are a number of attractions such as the vip hall and orchid garden.

Rainforest :

Singapore gardens contain tropical rainforests and a small area of ​​about six hectares, and the rainforest is one of the oldest parks.

Lakes in the park:

The Botanical Garden of Singapore contains three lakes, namely the friendly lake, the Pelican Lake and the Symphony Lake, which holds concerts on the weekend for free, and this lake is near the statue of composer Frederick Chopin.

Garden attractions:

The Botanical Garden in Singapore receives more than 4.5 million visitors every year, it is open to the public every day from five in the morning until midnight, and there are a number of cafes and restaurants in the Botanical Gardens, and there is the SBG Heritage Museum that opens its doors every day Starting from nine in the morning until six in the evening this museum closes its doors every Monday of the end of the month, and many interactive exhibitions are held, most notably the Sedl Green Gallery, which displays information related to plants.
When leaving the botanical garden, it is easy for a tourist to reach Orchard Road shopping area which is only ten minutes away, where there is the entertainment and commercial center 2.2 km in the central area, which is very similar to Oxford Street in London or Nathan Road in Hong Kong, where It abounds in international stores, local stores, some beauty salons, many offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants and some recreational places. In Orchard Road area, musicians and performers are spread on the sidewalks, which gives a kind of vitality.

Best activities in the botanical garden in Singapore:

  • It is possible to start the recreational tour inside the botanical garden by visiting the National Orchid Garden, seeing hundreds of rare plant species of the orchids, and getting to know the types of tropical species that are classified as dangerous plants.
  • Ginger Garden is a small garden located next to the Orchid Garden, where you can walk around and stroll in the middle of it because it contains a beautiful waterfall, so you can spend a beautiful time there and take some pictures next to the waterfall.
  • Visit the rainforest, which is one of the oldest parts of the garden, and enjoy seeing many rare plant species inside the garden and wander around its grounds, then visit the sun garden that contains plants that are located in hot and desert areas.
  • Stroll and wander among the vast green spaces in the garden that have been equipped and equipped with all services at the highest efficiency, playing with children or sitting at the edge of the lake in order to see pelicans as they swim in the lake water, with a snack with friends or family on the green grassy rug that Surrounding the whole place.
  • Inside the park there is a section for children and is known as the Jacob Palace Garden This garden contains many games such as maze and water games along with a number of recreational and educational activities in which children are explained how plants are used in the manufacture of drinks, dyes and so on.
  • In the event that you visit the park on the weekend, it is possible to attend the concert that takes place at the end of the week in the middle of Lake Symphony, where listeners sit at the edge of the lake and the band in the middle of the lake plays the most beautiful tunes.



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