Turkey is a united, democratic, and constitutional republic located in the Middle East, and it forms a link between the continents of Asia and Europe through the Bosphorus, Dardanelles and Marmara Straits, and shares its borders with Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Syria and others.

Turkey is a country full of civilizations, where many antiquities stand as evidence of our time, and the Turkish language is the official language of the country, and in this article we will talk about tourism in this country, and the most prominent places that tourists visit extensively.

Climate and terrain in Turkey

Turkey is known for its mild humid climate, and the climate of the regions overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is hot and dry in summer, while in winter it is cold and humid, and coastal areas are known for their warm summer and humid winters, and Turkey enjoys its nature rich in animals and distinctive plants.

tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the important and major tourist destinations in the world, as tourists from all parts of the world come to it to enjoy its charming atmosphere, culture, food, stunning scenery, nature, islands, beaches and various cities. Turkey is the link between the East and West, as it is located in the middle between them, and includes in its lands cultures Different and that reflects the cultural and cultural diversity in it

The Turkish people are also distinguished as a friendly hospitable, ready to help tourists to spend the best times in their country, and all the ingredients of tourism are available in its various facilities, and tourism is one of the most important sources of income for the country, and it also occupies many manpower.

Tourist places in Turkey

The tourist places in Turkey vary and the objectives differ from behind its visit, and attracts many people across the world at different times of the year, including:

  • Yildiz Saray Palace, and this palace is considered as he recounts the gift of Sultan Selim III to his mother, Sultanah Mharisha, and included in his flanks the meetings of the Ottoman Sultans during the days of the rule of the Ottoman Empire, and receives visitors every day of the week except for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Antalya, this city is characterized by its nature and comfortable waterfalls for the soul and nerves, and is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the well-known Taurus Mountains, which is the most famous and most beautiful Turkish coast among the beaches of Turkey.
  • Princess Islands, which includes eight islands connected to each other and located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, and is transported through these islands using boats and yachts, which is one of the popular tourist destinations in Turkey, so tourists enjoy the water, trees and nature.
  • Istanbul, which was previously the capital of Turkey, and is the first city to which tourists who visit Turkey go, and in which markets, mosques, restaurants and cabarets, this city is characterized by beauty, excellence and heritage.
  • The Galata Saray Bath, a Turkish bath, which is used by many tourists, was built on the system of Ottoman architecture.

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