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Petra is considered one of the most important archaeological monuments in the whole world, as it is a distinctive tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors to it, and this architectural masterpiece carved by the Nabateans in the pink rocks, and it was named a percentage of it in the pink city about two thousand years ago, and due to its important strategic location it was a passage for commercial caravans crossing between The Mediterranean and the Arabian Sea, and this city remained unknown until 1812 AD after it was discovered by the Swiss explorer Johann Barckhart, and the world was introduced to it, in addition to the beauty and originality of Petra, a lot of engineering creativity appears in its establishment, and the most prominent evidence of this is the irrigation canal, the Sophisticated bar, which recounted the thirst of nearly thirty thousand people, and the safe wonderful Bomaytha that if we knew they had carved from top to bottom has increased the admiration and amazement of genius Nhatha.

The Great Pyramid

Hence, Khnum Khufoi dug up the example of his father, King Senefru, in building a pyramid in which, after his death, he will be buried in order to perpetuate his divinity, so the Great Pyramid or what was known as the pyramid of Khufu, who was considered to be admired by the seven wonders of the world, because of the intensity of the mystery he is exposed, many rumors and legends spread about the identity of his original daughters and how to construct it. Once, it was thought that it was aliens who did this huge work, and once again it was said that creatures that came out from under the ground had done so, and some assumed that the pyramid was built with magic and sorcery works, and the location of the pyramid was chosen over a stone layer that guaranteed him resilience and survival, and was built Of the 2.3 million massive rock units he reached It has a weight of approximately two and a half tons, and there are some rocks whose weight was estimated at about fifteen tons, and he cooperated in the construction of the pyramid twenty-five thousand workers who do not have a slave class.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China extends 8,850 km on the southern hills of the Mongolian Plain, and the beginning of the construction of this wall dates back to the era of the Qin family, that is, about two hundred years BC, and the main purpose behind it was to keep the Mongols out of Chinese lands, but he could not achieve this goal. Because it was not fully connected, and it was punctuated by some places that could be penetrated, which made him lose its importance and standing. Today, after its inclusion on the World Heritage List, it has become an important tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors every day.

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