Turkish lands are characterized by climate diversity and the diversity of islands, lakes and rivers. You can spend all holidays in different places of Turkey. One of the most prominent autumn places that prefer its charm and beauty. The Seven Lakes November and early December are the best autumn months in Turkey. It is the best time period for watching yellow and orange autumn leaves and enjoying With the distinctive breezes of autumn weather, the seven-leafed lakes separation or Guller’s hands are located in the Black Sea region, 43 kilometers from the city of Polo, the best autumn areas characterized by the presence of beautiful forests and fallen leaves.

The seven lakes dubbed by Goller are located in Melli Park and their names are as follows: “Buyuk Ghoul, Sirin Ghoul, Deren Ghoul, Nazli Ghoul, Kojok Ghoul, Ingie Ghoul, Sazli Ghoul,” the attractive nature of yellow and orange colors will impress you, especially if you were A fan of the arts of photography will take pictures of the magnificence and creativity of natural paintings in the place of breathtaking beauty.

Natural colors blend in the region so it is one of the best areas to get relaxation and calm and recuperation away from work pressure and the hustle and bustle of the city so it is suitable for those who are looking for calm also suitable for honeymooners for newlyweds to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, the Seven Lakes are held every year The splendor of the autumn in the garden One of the officials in charge of the park says that the number of visitors increases every day after a special day of artists and lovers of photography and drawing with light. Tourist tribes have enormous garden facilitated by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture transport tourists in large numbers to the Polo Park Reserve.

The park is a treasure trove of nature treasures in the Turkish city of Polo on the shores of the Black Sea. It is worth visiting already. The seven lakes in the Golcuk region and the Abant region have been recognized and toured through tourism competitions and the photo festival, which was in the past world to photograph natural beauty and autumn nature in the place and the Ministry is trying to Tourism this year organizing more tourist activities and expanding the construction of hotels and tourist facilities to spend the autumn vacation in the Seven Lakes.

In general, if you are a fan of looking at the beautiful nature, natural magic, and the beauty of the divine creation, and at the same time you like to relax, rest, and calm, do not miss spending part of the autumn in that magical and creative place created by God Almighty, you will find the mixture of yellow, orange and green colors and their reflection on the lakes in a distinct scene You can enjoy camping at the place and also enjoy day barbecues and enjoy delicious Turkish kebabs with a view to the creative nature of the seven lakes.

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