The borders of Brazil and Argentina meet at the Iguazu River, which descends with a magnificent landscape of picturesque waterfalls that enchant all who see it. The myth of nature is located in South America along the borders that extend more than 2700 meters, and it consists of 20 large waterfalls and 55 warm small waterfalls, some of which reach heights 64 meters away, and a group of small islands are separated by waterfalls, all of which flow into the Devil’s Trench.

It was named the amazing Iguazu waterfalls, which literally means in the original Hindi Guarani language, “Big Waters”. It is located in Iguazu National Park and can be reached through the Argentine side that owns the largest number of them, or through the Brazilian side where there are charming panoramic views, and it has become a UNESCO heritage list Global in 1984.

Chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2011, it is surrounded by one of the few remaining Atlantic Rainforests in South America, which has been wisely preserved by both Argentina and Brazil. The tropical national park is bustling with lush trees lurking in the shadows of the bustling wildlife of jungle tigers.

Tourists on the Argentine side walk along a series of refreshing countryside lanes that revolve around two-thirds of the waterfalls that ultimately reach the Devil’s Trench, where most of the tourists go there directly because it is the main attraction, where the wonderful groove takes the shape of a horseshoe and is considered the largest water curtain in The world includes about 14 waterfalls.

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