Here are the most important hotel laws you need to know before disembarking at the hotel, in order to avoid embarrassment with the staff during your stay at it, and in order not to have any problems with you in addition to some laws regarding hotel accommodation in general for Arab travelers.

Conditions for hotel reservations:

In the event that you request a hotel room reservation over the phone, you are supposed to prove this by hand by sending a message to the hotel explaining all the details of your stay, from the date you will take the room, your arrival date, number of people, and date of departure.
If you are a fan of noise, you should make this clear from the beginning, in order to have a quiet room and not find another house causing you problems, and it is important to keep a copy of the message that you sent.
If it is not the first time to check-in at the same hotel, you can request that the same room be booked again if it is convenient for you and available.

How to cancel a hotel reservation:

In the event of abandoning the idea of ​​travel, or the desire to change the reservation date, it is extremely important to inform the hotel of your desire to do so well in advance of the prescribed time, so as not to cause him problems or loss to clients who will refuse him for the room that is expected to have already occupied.

Arrival at the hotel:

  • If you arrive at the hotel late, do not wait to find the great welcome or the various services available during the day, and it is preferable that you help the security to deliver your bags to your room.
  • It is important not to make noise or speak loudly in the corridor to ensure the comfort of others, if I were in their place I would be upset and I would complain to the officials.
  • Close the elevator door behind you and make no noise while opening your room door.
  • If you want to open the radio or TV, turn it down better.
  • If the room does not appeal to you, which is often expected but not tragic, smile to the reservation clerk and ask them to change the room as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the room has everything requested, preferably quietly and without attention from others.
  • If your luggage arrives in the room, thank the guard who helped you and wish him a good day.

Conditions for hotel accommodation:

  • You should improve your hotel behavior as you would your home.
  • Do not put cigarette ash on the floor or makeup residue or napkins, but only in rubbish bins.
  • Arrange your clothes and shoes, and store your jewelry in drawers so you can find them easily.
  • Make sure you turn off the light and water before leaving the room.
  • Try to sleep in a good time so that the worker can clean the room on a daily basis.
  • Do not steal anything from the room and consider it a small souvenir, as this is completely unacceptable behavior.
  • Often when someone takes something from the hotel, it is included in the bill, of course that will not make you proud.
  • Ensure that you have taken all your tools and things before you leave the room the last time.

Do hotels require marriage contract?

In Egypt, yes, most hotels require a marriage contract if the two people are Egyptian, and many newlyweds face this problem in booking a hotel if their marriage contract is recent and there is no problem with that as you can request a paper from the authorized person, which will help you in making the necessary papers that can be taken to the hotel to prove You are married, or you can rent an apartment or wait for the marriage voucher to be issued.

Hotel Law in Egypt:

Among the laws that make Egypt unique from any other country:

  • A foreigner can rent a room in the hotel he and his girlfriend without finding any inconvenience from the hotel management or the employees, while this is not possible and is totally rejected by the Egyptians.
  • Foreigners can wear whatever clothes they like in the hotel or tourist resort, where you will find the matter is unnatural and there is going too far. Some foreigners take off all the upper clothes in order to take a sunbath, and the hotel management does not object to that, and no one annoys them even though this matter It is not allowed and is illegal according to Egyptian laws.
  • Many three-star hotels refuse to give a separate room to an Egyptian girl, which is very strange.
  • Some hotels refuse to give reservations over the phone, and tell you that you can only book directly, and you will definitely find a room, which puts you at a loss and risk if you go and there is no room available.
  • In the event that you pay the amount for the period that you will remain, and you want to cancel the reservation, some hotels deduct the amount that you paid if you cancel the reservation soon, so it is best not to reserve for a long time without making sure of the period that you will remain and the best thing is to renew weekly You are guaranteed to keep your personal money.
  • You may be robbed in small or three-star hotels so be sure to take your money with you and not leave any valuable items in the room, and we advise you to put most of your money in a visa or credit card and not to carry a lot of cache
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