What are the tourist areas in the Netherlands, which is one of the countries that have special popularity in Europe, where tourism is an integral part of tourism in Amsterdam, and it is considered one of the picturesque cities that contain different landscapes.

What are the tourist areas in the Netherlands?

It draws all visitors to explore many attractions, it is known as North Venice, and this region has more than 100 different waterways, where hiking in the Netherlands is one of the most enjoyable things.
Where you can go hiking by riding bikes or boats or walking, and there are many different places that can be hiking like classic windmills, and fields that feature picturesque scenery because they contain flowers and also many different historical places, and tourist attractions, where you have The country of the Netherlands is a different overview of the best tourist areas in the Netherlands.


Amsterdam is one of the beautiful cities that welcomes visitors with love all days of the year, and it is the capital of the Netherlands, as it is characterized by the rivers that come from within it and the beautiful buildings that carry many bright colors that overlook the seas, rivers and bridges.
It connects from the beginning of the city some of the flowers loaded on the surface of the seas and these flowers are considered one of the best appearances that exist in the Netherlands, where many annual festivals are held in that country, where more than 300 festivals are held, including the culinary festival, culture and dance festival, carnivals and many other delightful works .
As the private government in Amsterdam allows special grills in public parks, a happy family trip can be enjoyed in public parks in the open air, and if you like the landscape you can head to the Vondelpark.
As you relax in this place because it is a quiet and lively place with green spaces, this place brings together the most natural aspects you can get in Amsterdam.


There is the city of Leiden on the banks of the River Rhine, which is about an hour’s drive away from Amsterdam, but if you go by train, this does not take more than half an hour because it goes from short places and is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the Netherlands.
Where the city is characterized by many picturesque waterways, and there are a large number of ornate bridges that can be walked for long periods, as well as churches and luxury homes decorated.
And all its walls are decorated with beautiful phrases that give hope to life and are written in many different languages, as there is the National Museum of Antiquities and also contains various Egyptian antiquities.


Delft is one of the small cities that many tourists are not known about, and this is because most of the tourists who come to the Netherlands mostly go to Amsterdam, and do not go to Delft, and this is because they are very impressed with the tourist attractions that exist in Amsterdam.
But they do not know about the architectural works that have beautiful stamps and decorative works more than wonderful, and that the atmosphere in them differs from any other city, and this city is characterized by all works in blue.

The Hague:

The city of The Hague is located in the West of the Netherlands and is the seat of government, and is the third largest city in the Netherlands and the second place for tourist attractions after Amsterdam, where the city of The Hague contains a lot of different shops that can buy a lot of things with it.
One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Mauritshuis Museum, which is near Binnenhof, and which works to present the best of various paintings by one of the Dutch artists.


The city of Maastricht, the Netherlands, has a lot of European customs, and this is because it has a unique energy that you cannot see at the level of the Dutch city, where it has the largest group of different cultures, delicious food, and the most prominent tourist attractions, where creativity in that city is permeated by individuals, where Hiking is one of the most creative and beautiful things.


Utrecht is located in the southeast of India and this city is one of the great historical cities, and there are a large number of old buildings, where hiking is carried out by ships and boats. One of the most enjoyable jobs is riding bicycles, and the means of transportation for them are bicycles.

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