A guide to the most famous and beautiful coastal cities of Spain, as Spain is one of the best tourist cities that exist in the world, and this is because it contains a large number of cities that can be enjoyed in all the different regions in it, as it has many ingredients that help anyone to reach them as quickly as possible. , As tourism in Spain is a major economic support for the country.
As the city of Spain ranked fourth among the best tourist countries, and also in terms of the number of tourists who come to it as they numbered in 2010 more than 53 million individuals, and tourism in Spain is famous for having many ancient tourist attractions, it contains the largest number of Ancient Islamic monuments, and this is because Spain is characterized by its different location and great position among many tourists.
As for the tourist cities that exist in Spain many and multiple, where it has a very beautiful region called Catalonia and many others such as: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Seville, Marbella, and Granada, where it is considered one of the most tourist cities.

The most beautiful coastal cities of Spain:


Madrid is the Spanish capital, which is considered the most beautiful tourist city, and this is because there are various archaeological sites around it, and there are a lot of different works of archaeological museums, art galleries, and the Royal Palace, as well as its famous restaurants.
It also includes the largest number of buildings that have different designs and mighty, as it is characterized by a calm atmosphere and a clear sky and a mild climate atmosphere in the summer, and there are a large number of different hotels that can hold parties and special events, it is considered a distinct and different city in all activities that she presents.
Barcelona :
Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, and it is one of the most distinctive and different areas in tourist Spain, where Barcelona is located on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, and around it a chain of Coresola Mountains, where this city is considered the most beautiful in the countries of Spain.
Where the most important tourist attractions that exist in Barcelona are the historical monuments and the well-known Rambla Street, where it is famous for the great and high-end shops, as well as many restaurants and large cafes, and the Gothic neighborhood is the one that has maintained a printer since the passage of Romen and the Middle Ages.


Marbella is located between the Strait of Bab Gibraltar and Malacca, and it is characterized by its mild climate throughout the year. It also has many green areas, such as gardens, flowers and tall trees, so this is a more beautiful aesthetic appearance.
As Marbella is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Spain, and between it and many tourists there is a different relationship, where a very large number of Arab tourists go to, and they belong a lot to the resorts that are there.


The city of Seville is the capital of Andalusia, where it has many different cultures, including the Spanish culture and the Moroccan culture, which specializes in northern Afzivia, it is without any doubt for the sake of the ancient tourist cities and this is because it contains many ancient tourist attractions that have an ancient nature of tourism For the Arabs.
It also contains many historical sights, all of which are due to the Islamic eras of Andalusia, and it has a large number of restaurants, cafes and large hotels, and it is considered one of the most important cities that compile a large number of Islamic tourism.


One of the oldest tourist cities that exist in Spain, and its foundation dates back to the Phoenician era, the Romen state ruled over it, and after the assumption of the Islamic world for a period of up to 800 years.
Spain is also a destination for Islamic tourism in Spain, and it is located on the coast of the Costa del Sol because of its large number of Islamic history and its moderate climate, as it is considered the second most important port on the White Sea after Barcelona.


One of the largest tourist cities that have a long history in Spain and has a large number of mountains and plateaux that rise at a high rate from the sea up to 700 meters, it is located above the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the city of Granada is considered one of the largest tourist areas because it contains a large number From different tourism.

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