Minsk is the capital of Belarus

Minsk is a small European city located in the state of Belarus or Belarus, and its administrative capital is represented, in addition to being the largest city in the republic in terms of population, the main seat of government, the axis of politics, industry, culture, education, and economy; As Minsk includes most of the major government buildings, international embassies, many educational institutions, cultural centers such as theaters, museums, and also contains the most important industrial sectors, which make the city an active component in the national economy with a contribution of 46% of the GDP.

Minsk city website

The city of Minsk is located in the Republic of Belarus, or Belarus on the continent of Europe, specifically in the Minsk region, in the region on the River Svisluk, which is one of the most important tributaries of the Peresina River. The city is located on a geographical area of ​​409 square kilometers, and from astronomical point of view, Minsk is located on the longitude (27.5) and the latitude (53.9).

The most important landmarks of the city of Minsk

Minsk has many sights, attractions, and attractions, the following are mentioned for their most important:

  • Great Patriotic War Museum: It is one of the most important museums of the city, as it is housed in a modern building in a modern style, and includes inside it many works, pieces, and explanations that express the country’s situation during its exposure to the Nazi occuAl Bahahn.
  • Popular Architecture Museum: It is an open folk museum located in the southwestern part of the city, and houses many traditional local wooden houses, an old windmill, a church, and a school.
  • Rar Svaboda Square: It is a famous square located in the central part of the old city, and contains an Orthodox hall consisting of two huge towers, knowing that it is built in a wonderful Baroque style.
  • Independence Palace: It is a modern presidential palace built in contemporary style, with huge glass facades.

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