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Officially known as the Lunar Union, it is a country consisting of a group of islands, located in the Indian Ocean near the east coast of Africa, from the northern side of the Mozambique Channel, which links Madagascar and Mozambique from the north and northeastern side, surrounded by a group of countries in addition to Mozambique And Madagascar, like Seychelles, and Tanzania.

Its area is estimated at about one thousand eight hundred and sixty two square kilometers. Therefore, it occupies the third rank on the level of the African continent in terms of area, and the sixth rank in terms of population. Main is the island of Mawali and Mahori, and the islands of Ngazijia and Anzouani, in addition to another group of small islands.

Moroni is the capital of Comoros

It is considered the official and political capital of the Comoros, since the year 1962 AD, as it is the largest city in it, most of its inhabitants embrace the Islamic religion.

Location and climate

It is located specifically in the major island of Nagasija, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, connected to the other islands, Madagascar and Africa through a port, the prevailing climate is temperate tropical, where it is known that there are two main seasons characterized by precipitation, and the average temperature in them reaches thirty degrees Celsius; The month of March is the hottest month, and when the temperature reaches nineteen degrees Celsius, the weather is the coldest possible, knowing that there is a possibility of exposure to hurricanes that destroy its infrastructure.


The population of the capital, Moroni, is estimated at about sixty thousand people, according to statistics in 2003, the majority of whom are Muslims who speak the lunar and French languages, in addition to the Arabic language which is the official language in the country, gained independence in the year 1975 AD, and the capital and center became the cultural, economic, political and diplomatic activities of the country, where It is home to the largest diplomatic headquarters and bodies, and has witnessed major urban development in the past two decades.


It relies on its economy to grow a variety of agricultural crops, the most important of which are cocoa, corn and rice, in addition to sweet potatoes in particular, cloves, and a group of fruits such as bananas, pineapples, as well as vanilla and spices. As for industry, it is known for its handicrafts and traditional crafts, very famous for manufacturing essential oils. Distinctive.

It is worth noting that it includes a group of the most important institutions in the country, including:

  • The main parliament building.
  • Central Bank Building.
  • A group of the most important administrative as well as ministerial institutions.
  • Moon University.

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