What is the capital of England

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London is the capital of England

London is the capital of England, the United Kingdom as well, and the main gateway to Europe, which is the largest urban area in the European Union, as well as a major global tourism destination, and London is one of the leading global cities in trade, finance, business, entertainment, arts, media, and fashion, And health care and tourism, London is a major city for higher education. It includes forty-three universities, twelve institutes of art and culture, nine hundred libraries, three hundred and ninety-five public libraries, more than a hundred theaters, two hundred museums, and London has Wembley Stadium which It is the largest stadium Football in the world, and as the city hosts nearly two hundred festivals, it is also the largest financial center in the world, and has the highest gross domestic product compared to other European cities.

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London is located in the southeast of England, on the banks of the River Thames, and is approximately fifty miles away, equivalent to eighty kilometers from the mouth of the river on the North Sea. The city is the largest city in the United Kingdom, and the center of the state for economy, transportation, and culture, and it is also one of the oldest cities in The world, where its history dates back to about two thousand years, and the area of ​​London is six hundred and seven square miles; i.e. equivalent to 1.572 square kilometers, and it is home to 8,173,941 people, according to estimates of two thousand and eleven.

London Economy

The economy of the City of London constitutes approximately twenty percent of British GDP, while the economy of the Greater London region constitutes thirty percent of the country’s GDP, and the finance industry is the largest in London, as financial exports are the largest contributor to the balance of payments in the United Kingdom, Tourism also contributes to the economic growth of the city. More than four hundred thousand people work in this sector, and London was classified as the most visited city in the world in two thousand and fifteen.


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