Avenue Mall

Mall on the Corniche; the mall’s location is great and a suitable place for walking, whether on the Corniche or inside the mall

There are international restaurants, shops, many brands and a cinema, and you can spend a full and wonderful day in it.

Seef Mall – Seef District

The complex still retains some customers, but it has its own memories as it is the first mall in Bahrain that contains cinema, restaurants and shops of international brands, and it has most of what you need such as: Potts pharmacy, Carrefour and Netschler for shoes, skechers and restaurants such as: Mado and Fridays, and perfume stores.

Capital Mall

A bazaar-like commercial complex for simple handicrafts, simple shields and distributions, as well as products for productive families.

Bahrain Mall

A mid-size market with a Carrefour supermarket. Simple stores. International brands do not have great and good parking.

Mercado sideways

A small mall has a few shops like: Alosra and Boots and there are ATMs and children’s facilities for entertainment.
It is a small outdoor center with a supermarket, cafes and restaurants, plenty of parking areas and is a family-friendly place, and a great place to enjoy especially when the weather is fine.

Oasis Center

Convenient and simple shopping center that serves the area where Center Point is, the complex is smaller than the second branch located in Riffa, the Oasis commercial center has a Sama Dirti restaurant for Almutlouthah and Mandi behind the center, it is an opportunity to visit it and contains shops and restaurants suitable for its size.

Dana Mall

With the emergence of new malls and new cinemas, it just needs to be renewed and modernized, but it is a good and convenient mall for all families to shop.
We have provided you with the most popular shopping places in Bahrain. We hope to have enough explanation on all the wonderful market places in Bahrain

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