What is the capital of Laos

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Vientiane is the capital of Laos

Vientiane City is the administrative capital of Laos, which is the commercial center of textiles and leather, where many goods are transported across the Mekong River to Thailand, then to Bangkok by rail, and the Chinese and Vietnamese minorities controlled retail trade there, and in 1707 AD Vientiane was the capital of the Lao Kingdom , Which was sacked by the Siamese later in 1827 AD, and subjected to French rule in 1893 AD, to become the capital of the garrison of Laos in 1899 AD.

The most important landmarks of Vientiane

Vientiane City contains a group of prestigious buildings and landmarks in the country such as the National University, which was founded in 1995, where the university contained colleges for agriculture, architecture, and education, and the capital also included the National Museum, the National Library, and the Mekong River, which are navigable by small boats, In addition to the international airport, and the highways that link the city with other cities, there are the Luang Temple, and the Stupa Temple which dates back to about 1566 AD.

General information about the capital of Laos

  • the climate: Vientiane has a tropical seasonal climate, with an average monthly temperature of around 27 ° C. And more than 80% of the annual precipitation in Vientiane occurs in the five months from May to September.
  • Location: Vientiane is located on a plain in the northeastern region of the Mekong River, at latitude 17.97, and longitude 102.60, and rises from the sea about 174 m.
  • the size: Vientiane City is the largest city in Laos, with an area of ​​about 3,920 km2, and it is also the largest in terms of population with a population of about 562,244 people.
  • Title: The capital is called the city of the moon or sandalwood city.
  • Modern industries: The city is newly known for wood processing, brick making, tiles, cigarettes, detergents, plastic bags, rubber sandals, and iron.
  • Agriculture: Rice and corn cultivation is common in the areas surrounding the capital, Vientiane.


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