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The city of Maseru

Maseru is a small African city located in the Kingdom of Lesotho, and its administrative and national capital since the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six, and it is the largest city among its cities, in addition to being the focus of trade, economy, and transportation. It connects it with the regions of South Africa. It should be noted that this city thrives in carpet making and candles.

Location of Maseru city and its population

Maseru is located in the Kingdom of Lesotho, specifically in the area overlooking the left bank of the Caledon River, and a short distance from the country’s borders with the Free State Province located in the Republic of South Africa, as it sits on a high area of ​​up to 1,552 meters above sea level. As for the astronomical aspect, the city of Maseru is located on the longitude (27.48), and the latitude (-29.32). It should be noted that this city is inhabited by about 118,355 people.

Maseru city climate

Maseru enjoys its rule, its surface features and a generally moderate climate. Warm weather prevails during the summer months, with hot weather in some days, knowing that the upper limit of temperatures reaches twenty-eight degrees Celsius, but in winter , Temperatures drop to their lowest levels (at one degree Celsius), and the total annual rainfall rate reaches 559 mm.

The most important landmarks of Maseru city

The city of Maseru contains many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following are mentions of the most important:

  • Malotti Mountains: The Malotti Mountains are among the picturesque landscapes of the city, and are a great place for hiking and trekking.
  • Catsy Dam: The Katsi Dam, which was built in the year ninety-nine and ninety-seven, is located on the Malambazzo River, and is characterized by its high elevation, which reaches one hundred and eighty-five meters.
  • Thaba Posio Plateau: This plateau of sandstone includes a large monument, and the first Maushchoy mausoleum (formerly the country’s president).
  • The Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory: It is an ancient church, which expresses its design in the history of colonialism in the country.
  • The Mokorotlo Museum: It is a traditional museum with an impressive modern construction that includes many works, pieces that express traditions, and culture in Lesotho.

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