What is the capital of Pakistan

المسافرون العرب

The city of Islamabad

Islamabad is a small Asian city located in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and its administrative and national capital has been represented since the fourteenth of August of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven, after the capital has been moved from Rawalpindi, as it is considered Islamabad is the headquarters of the authorities, government offices, and the largest city among Pakistani cities, as well as being an important economic and commercial center in the country.

Islamabad city location

The city of Islamabad is located in the Republic of Pakistan, specifically on the edge of the Potohar Plateau, and it is on the border with a number of provinces and Pakistani regions. In its southwestern borders with Rawalpindi, it overlooks the Attock region to the northwest, and is bordered to the northeast by Gujar Khan, Kalar Seedyan, Rawat and Mandara.

The area and topography of Islamabad

The capital occupies the city of Islamabad, with its borders, a geographical area of ​​906 km (350 miles), in addition to 2,717 km (1,049 miles) from remote areas, or from areas under planning control, and given the surface appearances (terrain) in Islamabad, the northern part, The north-eastern part of the city is distinguished by the presence of Margala Hills, which range from nine hundred to five hundred meters above sea level, and towards the southern part, a crisp plain penetrated by the Korang River appears.

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The most important landmarks of Islamabad

The city of Islamabad includes many landmarks and tourist places, and the following is a mention of the most important:

  • Shah Faisal Mosque: It is considered one of the largest mosques in Asia, and is characterized by its splendid architecture in two styles: traditional, and modern.
  • Luke Versa Heritage Museum: It includes groups of traditional handicrafts.
  • Pakistan Monument: It is a heritage museum, and a national memorial was built, as an expression of the unity of the Pakistani people, and a representation of its culture.

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