Tourism on the Hilton Head Island in South Carolina in America is one of the national income sources for the state, and this is evident through studies conducted to find out the number of visitors to the island and the percentage of increase in the return or national income resulting from tourism activity or popularity, since in 2004 the number of tourists About 2.25 million tourists, resulting in an increase of national income by about a billion and a half dollars.

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The most important places of tourism on the Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island beaches

Hilton Head Island beachesThe most important places of tourism in Hilton Head IslandThe Hilton Head Island is distinguished by having a series of beaches which are among the most beautiful beaches in the world, and despite the small size of this island, it has 12 virgin beaches, which are characterized by the clear crystal clear waters and attractive golden sands. Beaches Recreation as well as relaxing, sunbathing as well as swimming and diving underwater where beautiful marine creatures and coral reefs and hundreds of different fish, in addition to adventure through water sports as well as surfing, and walk along the beach where the fresh air. Also read: Philadelphia Tourism … Tourist guide

Golf courses

Golf courses
The most important places of tourism in Hilton Head IslandThe most tourist places in Hilton Head Island that attract tourists are golf courses as well as tennis courts, as the island has 24 golf courses and about 300 tennis courts, and these fields are characterized by a very high degree of sophistication and progress, they are the best stadiums Worldwide, if you love golf or tennis, we offer you the best international clubs to practice this sport with great pleasure and ingenuity.

Hilton Head Island restaurants

Hilton Head Island restaurantsThe most important places of tourism in Hilton Head IslandThe island contains the best international restaurants, which have been famous among different countries of the world in terms of hygiene and hospitality, as well as delicious and delicious food, and the island includes more than 250 restaurants inside it, and these restaurants provide delicious food, international dishes and delicious seafood as well as dishes Traditional island within, if you love food do not hesitate to enter one of these restaurants, you will never regret this visit. Read also: travel advice to America

Tourist resorts

Hilton Head Island has the best tourist resorts that are located on its beaches in abundance, and these resorts or hotels are distinguished by charm and charm, as these hotels are one of the most important facades of tourism within the island, and are suitable for families and small families, and the couple on the honeymoon are suitable for everyone, these resorts An opportunity that will not be repeated in the holidays for the locals as well as visitors to the Hilton Head Island, and one of the most famous and best of all resorts is the famous tourist resort PALMETTO DUNES, and this resort is one of the best tourism resorts in the world and has won many awards at the world level M whole, and the area of ​​this resort is approximately 2000 acres, and its location is excellent locations as it faces the beach of the Atlantic Ocean where the water is pure and beautiful sunlight, not only this but the resort contains three golf courses, as well as a tennis court and this stadium holds many awards Due to its suitability for kayaking, the resort also provides a unique service which is renting large houses and villas to large families who want to hike and stay with each other, and not everyone in a separate room, the tourist resort PALMETTO DUNES is able to accommodate a huge number of people, so This resort is called Mint Famine the family, so this resort is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions on Hilton Head Island.

Coastal Discovery Museum

Discovery Museum The most important places of tourism in the Hilton Head Island is the Discovery Museum, one of the most important and rare international museums that protect rare or endangered marine animals or birds, and specialists on this museum patrol the beaches to identify marine creatures, and work to protect them from extinction. These patrols continue from May to October, and among the things that specialists inside the museum do to protect them are sea turtles, and that is done by watching turtles and monitoring their nests and the process of transporting eggs from one place to another so as not to be damaged or lost and work to follow the breeding process These turtles even protect them from extinction, it is worth mentioning that the work freely tours for visitors to the museum to learn about marine organisms, as well as the identification of threatened species also Balanqrad.aqro: comprehensive guide in tourism in Los Angeles

South Carolina Coastal Art Center

Coastal Carolina CenterThe most important places of tourism in the Hilton Head Island, the South Coastal Carolina Regional Arts Center which is one of the most important tourist places, and the Coastal Carolina Arts Center is located in the heart of Hilton Head Island, and this center is one of the tourist attractions that bring fun, excitement and excitement to visitors through art, many are presented Among the paintings of fun and art within this center, including drama plays, as well as musical plays, in addition to comedy plays that bring happiness and joy to visitors, as well as the Coastal Carolina Arts Center offers famous dolls shows, in addition to that it hosts mag Massive piety of famous people and artists beloved of people, and the role of the Coastal Carolina Arts Center is not limited to fun and art only, but it is considered one of the famous centers of science and education, as it offers interesting educational programs through conducting workshops seen by the attendees, as well as contesting the visitors themselves, and taking them To interesting educational trips inside the island, and one of the best things about this center is good management, great guidance, interesting designs and performances, as the center offers music, jazz and dance performances, and shows inside the Carolina Coastal Arts Center are not interrupted throughout the season. G to provide a variety of festivals as well as concerts outdoors and characterized as free, and so is this one the center of the best landmarks tourism in Hilton Head Island, and after viewing all of these places attractive and interesting do not hesitate to visit Hilton Head Island.

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