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The Kingdom of Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden, which is one of the Scandinavian countries, is located in the north of the European continent, and it has land borders with Norway and Finland, and it has many maritime borders for neighboring countries such as Denmark, Germany and others, and there is a bridge linking it with Denmark as well, Sweden is the third largest European country in terms of area in the Union European, which amounts to 450,295 square kilometers, as it joined the European Union in 1995, and in terms of population it amounts to 9.7 million people, and its inhabitants speak the official language which is Swedish, and it is easy to understand the Finnish and Norwegian language they have for the extent of convergence in it, and they use Crow N Swedish as its official currency in addition to the euro.

System of government in the Kingdom of Sweden

The system of government has a constitutional monarchy, and in terms of administrative divisions, it is divided into 28 provinces, which in turn are divided into 290 municipalities. The Swedish constitution is simple as it consists of 4 laws only, and the country follows the policy of neutrality and peace, but it was subject to many pressures in the First and Second World Wars. The German side, where it was forced to take decisions for the purposes of serving the German side in the war, and despite this, it provided many humanitarian aid to the war victims, at the same time, although it did not serve the interests of the German side.

Economy in the Kingdom of Sweden

Sweden is the seventh richest country in the world, due to its strong economy, which depends on many different industries such as paper, textiles, petrochemicals and cars, as well as communications and the pharmaceutical industry. On the tourism side, the country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world due to its rich nature and the large number of islands in it, and from the side The athlete, like most European countries, loves football, and is also famous for ice hockey, as its national team has won many international championships, and horse riding is widespread and widespread among women.


The capital, Stockholm, is the largest city in the country, located in the southwest of the country on the Baltic Sea, and also contains Lake Malaren, and includes 14 islands where water forms a large part of it and therefore it is called the North Venice, it has a very beautiful nature and attracts many tourists.

Stockholm area

The area of ​​the capital, Stockholm, is approximately 188 square kilometers, and its population and the surrounding urban areas are 1.3 million people, approximately one sixth of the population.

Economy in Stockholm

The capital Stockholm is the administrative and economic center in the Kingdom, as 45% of the major Swedish companies and banks have taken their headquarters such as Erikson International and many others, and on the cultural side they contain many museums and theaters, as they have modern modern buildings in addition to artistic buildings The old ones that kept their luster and beauty.

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