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Peru, or in English Peru It is a country located in the continent of South America, and is located in relation to this continent in the western side, and has long coasts on the southern Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by Brazil on the eastern side, bordered by the southern Pacific Ocean on the western side, on the south side, and on the north, by Ecuador and Colombia, and by Chile and Bolivia on the south side.

Lima city

Lima is the capital of Peru, and it is called in English Lima, And the name of this city is written in Spanish as well as in English. Lima is located in the west of Peru, and Lima is a city and a province at the same time, which is a private and independent administrative region, it does not belong to any administrative region from the regions that make up Peru, it is known that Peru is divided administratively into 25 administrative regions, and it follows for each of these The regions are many cities and provinces, and the region surrounding the city of Lima is called the Lima Region, or Lima Region, and the capital of this region is the city of Huaco, and the city of Lima is administratively separate from this region, and the number of areas that the city of Lima is divided into is 43 regions. Lima is a coastal city, as it overlooks the southern Pacific coast.

Geography of Lima

Lima extends an area of ​​2,627.3 km², or 1,031.8 sq mi. Lima city’s altitude from the sea ranges between 0 meters, 1550 meters, or 0 feet, and 5090 feet. Lima is the largest city in Peru in terms of population, with a population of more than 8.5 million, its population reached precisely according to 2015 estimates: 8,852,000 people, and this number constitutes approximately 28.5% of the total population of Peru, which is 31,151,643 People according to 2015 estimates. With regard to the population density in Lima, it is the largest city in Peru in terms of population density, with a population density of approximately 3369 people per square kilometer, or 8579 people per square mile.

Lima city residents

Lima is the largest city in terms of population at the level of the continent of South America, and at the level of the Americas, Lima is the third largest city in terms of population after each of the Brazilian city of San Paulo, and the city of New Mexico, where the population of the city of San Paulo To 11,895,893 people, according to 2014 estimates, and the population of New Mexico City to 8,851,080 people, according to estimates by the year 2010.

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