Know the cost of tourism in Morocco If you plan to visit it soon, Morocco has many distinctive tourist attractions that combine picturesque natural and historical sites, and the number of tourists annually to more than 10 million tourists.
It is worth noting that Morocco is located in North Africa in the far west, it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, besides it is one of the best coastal countries in that region, and planning to travel to it requires knowing the prices of tickets, means of transportation and the costs of accommodation, all of which you will find in Arab travelers.

The cost of tourism in Morocco

Ticket prices

  • Ticket prices range from 442 to 514 dollars, which is not an exorbitant cost, and prices drop precisely in the winter season as it witnesses a decrease in tourist turnout unlike summer and spring.
  • If you want to get the best offers, you must start the reservation long before your travel, and the best time to book tickets in the month of October extends to February, as you can through Turkish Airlines travel to the city of Casablanca.

Accommodation costs

  • Accommodation in Morocco varies between apartments and hotels, and apartment prices range between 65 to 130 dollars per day, and prices vary according to the region and the area of ​​the apartment.

In case of wanting to stay in hotels, the prices of hotels per night vary according to the level of service, and you can get to know its prices as follows:

  • One-star hotels are priced around $ 35 a night.
  • Two-star hotel rates start at $ 45 per night.
  • Three-star hotels start at $ 60 per night.
  • Four-star hotels start at $ 90 per night.
  • Five-star hotel rates for one night start from $ 200.

In the event that you want to stay in cheap places, you can stay in the Kasbah homes in Marrakech, where the price per night is about $ 15, and in the case of staying in hotels, the Riad Hamza hotel in Marrakech has average prices and at the same time it provides excellent hotel service and rooms furnished with the finest furnishing.

Transportation costs

  • Traveling between different sights needs to take the train, because of the distance between each place and another in different cities, as the train is one of the means of transportation that will not cost you much.
  • The price of a train ticket from Rabat to Casablanca is about $ 4, and from Casablanca to Marrakech $ 9, while in the case of moving from Tangier to Agadir, the price of the ticket reaches $ 35.
  • Rides in taxis in big cities cost up to $ 50, while renting cars can reach $ 25 per day, and before you ride to the taxi, you must make sure of the meter, and it is best to agree with the driver on the price of the fare before you ride.

Prices for restaurants and cafes

  • Among the advantages of Morocco is that the prices of meals are low-cost. It is one of the most prominent restaurants that offer you the best foods at the cheapest prices. The Amal Center chain of restaurants, where the cost of meals ranges between 5 to 6 dollars, and it offers a group of the most popular Moroccan dishes.
  • You can go to the Gemma Square in Marrakech, where there are kiosks that offer delicious Moroccan meals at cheap prices ranging between 3 to 5 dollars only, and one of the most prominent meals offered grilled meat dishes and snail soup.
  • There are cafes in Morocco that offer the best hot and cold drinks, the most prominent of which is the Bayouche Café, whose juice prices reach only about $ 2.

We have provided you with the most prominent tourism costs in Morocco, and you can enter this link to search for flights to Morocco as well as see prices.

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