Tourism costs in Italy include everything, between staying next to one of the beaches of Rome or the city center itself, and choosing for the number of stars to which the hotel belongs, as well as selecting a suitable airline in addition to transportation to and from sights, the traveler’s journey to Italy begins. For this reason, we will take you to know the cost of travel to Italy in the coming lines in the article of Arab travelers.

The cost of tourism in Italy

  • Many questions hesitate in the minds of everyone who intends to travel to Italy, especially if the number of travelers and the date of the trip are determined, and the tourist destination in which the stay will be known
  • Accordingly, the calculation of the cost of travel to Italy depends on the traveler specifying several things, namely:
  • Number of travelers.
  • The type of tourism, or purpose of travel.
  • The appropriate airline.
  • Season, and flight period.
  • residence.
  • Calculate the cost of food, transportation, and emergency.
    • If it is relied upon a tour operator to organize a trip to Italy, it is preferable that it be a reputable company and the supervisory record of successful trip programs.

    Traveling to Italy

    Prices in italy

    • Initially, we would like to note that the best seasons for Italy’s trip are the months from April to the end of June, in addition to September and October.
    • Avoiding the peak times in an italyn trip benefits the enjoyment of visiting the sights away from the crowds, and of course to get the cheapest travel and accommodation offers.
    • As for determining the place of residence, this mostly depends on whether you are traveling alone or in the company of friends or husband; then you will know whether you will stay at the home of an italyn citizen for providing a service, or will you rent a room in a hostel or hotel.
    • It must be noted that despite the varying reservation rates for hotel rooms in Italy, it remains one of the most expensive European cities in this regard.
    • Room rates for one night in a 4-star hotel start from 49 euros.
    • As for the price of a ticket to Italy, it costs approximately 410 euros, and for the visa price it is 137 euros.

    Air Italy

    • An italyn visa costs 60 euros for those 12 years or older, while it costs 35 euros for six-year-to-12-year-olds, and the duration of the visa response is estimated at 15 days.
    • When traveling to Rome for sightseeing, it is recommended that buses, metro and public transport be taken away from taxis.
    • The metro ticket in Italy costs from 2 to 3 euros, while the train ticket costs 2 to 5 euros, while buses cost 2 euros to travel, and if you want to move the bus for a full day 28 euros.

    Transportation in Italy

    • The price of eating and drinking varies in Rome’s restaurants and cafes, where some experiences indicate that prices in Southern Italy are significantly lower than in Northern Italy.
    • At the earliest, one person needs a budget for food of approximately 15 euros per day.
    • Also, don’t forget to save a few cents in order to buy souvenirs, which are available at the Rome bazaars.

    Cafes in Italy

    The cost of travel to Italy for 10 days 2020

    • By calculating the minimum total amount that must be provided for one person during a single day in an italyn trip, the result is 44.93 euros.
    • But if the account is for two or more people, the cost for today for each of them decreases to 26.33 euros.

    The cost of stay in Italy for 20 days

    • One person on his 20-day trip to Italy needs 206,58 euros, while if the number of people ranges between two people and more, then the amount becomes 119 euros.
    • At that time, the cost of one day for total expenses per person becomes 27,89 euros, while it decreases to 18 euros if they are two or more people.

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